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TES Teach with blendspace

dd-logo-brBlended learning on the go


Are you interested in integrating blended learning into your instruction but don’t have time to do all the work? You should take a look at TES Teach with blendspace, formerly known as blendspace. TES Teach with blendspace is a free web-based library of lessons for most content areas. 



Once you create your account, you can type in a search word, and lesson components created by teachers from around the world appear. There is a variety of components including videos, documents, images, and web links, and quizzes. You can drag and drop or copy and paste them into your lesson grid and sequence them. You can even edit them if you wish. Your interactive digital lesson can be created in 5 minutes or less!!

You can also create and share your own lessons with others. The lesson builder has links to Flickr, Google, the web, YouTube, or your own files so you can assemble your own lesson components. Once you share your lesson, other educators who have accounts can comment on your lesson, rate it, or use your content for their lessons.


For students to view your lessons, you can share a link or provide a QR code. For them to comment or produce their own learning projects, they will need to create their own free account and join a class. First, create a class and name it for a student group. You will receive a class code generated by the website. Next, have your students log into the platform and create their own accounts. Last, ask students to type in the class code, select the appropriate lesson to interact with the content.


This tool is relatively easy to use and just what the teacher on the go needs to differentiate instruction by creating a blended learning experience for students.



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