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Do you Symbaloo? Is there a free tool that can help teachers and students access the internet easier? 


Yes! Symbaloo is a visual booking tools that makes internet access easy for children of any age or grade level. Symbaloo is appropriate for both children and adults who are looking for easy ways to access and organize their internet bookmarks. It allows you to organize favorite websites by creating a series of visual bookmarks called a webmix.


symbaloo3But how does Symbaloo work? Each tile on the webmix can be programmed with a different picture and web link. After the tile has been initially programmed, there is no need to type in a URL again. The user will click on the tile and it will hyperlink them directly to the website, regardless of the length of the URL.


Symbaloo can be used in a variety of ways to make exploring the World Wide Web easier. Let’s explore some ways that a teacher can use it in his or her classroom. 

  • You can create your own Symbaloo webmixes or add an existing webmix to your collection. 
  • Teachers can design webmixes based on category, theme, unit of study, research topic, etc.  
  • Teachers can create visual choice boards for young children with websites that are deemed appropriate; eliminating the need to type in a long URL address.
  • Symbaloo can be used as a homepage for teachers with favorite bookmarks and resources.
symbalooshareYou can save multiple webmixes to your account. Favorite videos, music, online storybooks etc. can be easily organized for teachers to access.  Depending on your needs, webmixes can be shared with students, families, colleagues and anyone out in cyberspace or they can be private, locked and only accessed by users who have the direct web link. You can add your webmixes to Facebook or to Twitter with a simple check of a box and a log in. The program is also accessible through an app for the iPad® or Android tablet as well. 
symbaloosearchFeel like an explorer? Curious to see how others are using Symbaloo?  You can search through the public webmixes that others have created to see if there is anything you might want to add to your collection. Type in a topic in the search box and choose “webmixes” to browse through the collection.
Symbaloo is a free, user-friendly tool that can help student’s safely access information on the internet. Teachers can easily share resources with their students, colleagues and families, taking learning to a whole new level.
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