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. . . and that . . . and that!
Storyboard That allows you to create storyboards to visualize your ideas. It can be used by both teachers and students on a variety of devices. You can—
  • create presentations.
  • create graphic organizers that students can write on throughout a unit.
  • use it to illustrate and teach new vocabulary.
  • create and share magazines with content-related media.
The storyboard characters and backgrounds look like cartoons that you can use to—
  • create biographies
  • layout timelines
  • visualize characters
  • illustrate cycles
  • summarize content
  • and more!

Storyboard That is easy to use. Create between three and six panels to tell your story using the drag and drop feature. A variety of backgrounds for each panel is available – from school, to athletics, to homes, to historical venues, to futuristic locations. Characters are customizable and thousands of props are available.

Let your creativity take hold. Tell your story today!



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