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A great tool for summarization

There is a cool IOS app named Sock Puppets. This app allows students to animate and narrate a 30-second puppet show. I know what are thinking . . . Only thirty seconds? That’s too short! But have you thought about using these 30-second animations as a formative assessment or to teach students how to summarize?

sockpuppet1Robert Marzano lists summarizing as a strategy that is effective in increasing student achievement. The first step in summarizing is to get rid of all of the unimportant information. So, to create a 30-second video, students must clarify what is important. The time limit in Sock Puppets helps students remove any non-essential information. This leaves the important information, including terminology, the focus of the 30-second puppet show.


sockpuppet4The app guides the students through the process of creating a video so there is no class time lost pre-teaching the app. The best part of the app is that it was created for pre-school students to use, but kids of all ages might find it useful and fun. Also, since the puppet becomes a student’s avatar, it isn’t quite so threatening. After all, not everyone is comfortable speaking in front of others. Let a sock puppet speak for you.


Is there a passage or process that needs summarizing? Could students create a video to predict the main idea or outcome of a story as a pre-reading strategy and create a new video for the post-reading discussion? Could students use Sock Puppets to create their “check-for-understanding” summary? Let Sock Puppets give your student a voice!


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