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I wish they had games like this when I was in school! 
Are you looking for a fun, super teacher-friendly, exciting and engaging formative assessment tool? Would you love it if your students begged to take a quiz?  It will happen if you make the quiz using Quizizz™

Teacher time to create the quizzes is minimal.  You may either search for premade quizzes or create your own.  Each question is multiple choice and may contain a graphic.  Once the quiz is created students enter a code to join your quiz.  I know what you’re thinking…I already have an app for this.

But Quizizz™ is different!  You can customize your quiz by clicking on different settings that include-

  • Jumbled questions – random question order.
  • Jumbled answers - random answer order.
  • Show student answers – provide students with feedback by showing their questions and answers at the end of the game.
  • Question timer – you may choose to place a timer on each question.  Or allow students to really contemplate their answers and click when they are ready to answer.
  • Show memes – funny pictures and feedback after each question.
Wait- there is more!  If the internet service is spotty in your school students may rejoin a game if they are disconnected.  Quizizz™ can be assigned as homework.  You can send the game link to students in other classes and classrooms.  The quiz may be sent by email, website, or social media.  You can tweet your Quizizz™ or even post on Facebook™.  This option allows students to create a quiz and share with other students.

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