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Real-life adventures in teaching with technology.

One of the newest formative assessment apps is Plickers. What are Plickers you ask? The term Plickers is short for paper clickers. I still remember the first time I used these response cards with a class. The class was biology and the students were less than enthusiastic to be there (sound familiar?). I pulled out my secret weapon . . . the Plickers cards. As I distributed the cards, students looked puzzled and wanted to know more. I seized the moment and quickly explained the cards. The letters A, B, C, and D surround a large QR Code. To vote, the students simply needed to make sure the letter they wished to respond with was at the top of the card. I projected the first question and turned on the graph. I displayed the question and studeplickerpicnts held up their plicker cards.


The students watched as I scanned the room with my iPad and the responses were recorded. The student choices populated on a graph and students began to ask who was correct. Perfect, it was time for the debate. The students tried to convince other students in the class that their answer choice was correct. After a quick debate it was time for students to revote. Drum roll please (imagine the students lightly tapping on their desks) and the answer is B. We quickly discussed all of the reasons that B was correct.


All of this fun came after a few growing pains. First, do not laminate the Plickers cards. If you do the iPad app will not read them. Second, the iPad screen does not orient. If you happen to turn the iPad sideways, to get more of the class into view on your screen, you will scan the cards incorrectly and their responses will change to a letter they did not intend to vote with. Finally, make sure the students’ fingers are not covering the QR code. The app is simple to use and your students will enjoy them. 


Happy Plicking!





Plickers is a polling app that allows you to formatively assess students in real time. This app takes the place of a clicker system.

  • Create multiple choice and true/false questions
  • The app is free
  • Students get immediate feedback
  • Can be used with one iDevice
  • Students respond with response cards
  • Engaging for students
  • Quizzes must be created
  • Students must be entered by class if you want to store their information
  • You must assign each question to each class

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