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dd-logo-brEasy and intuitive collaboration for all occasions


Looking for a new and exciting way to engage your students? Try Padlet! This tool makes it easy for users to communicate and collaborate with each other in real time.



Padlet is a free virtual wall where both students and teachers can place content (e.g. images, video, links, text and documents) to share their ideas and thoughts. You can create a Padlet without signing up. However, advanced options like sharing and editing among multiple contributors will require it. If you choose to register with Padlet, you can create as many walls as you like.


Padlet can be used in the classroom to—

  • Access prior knowledge
  • Explore topics, issues, and concepts
  • Provide responses to reflective questions
  • Brainstorm, summarize, or journal
  • Compose a poem or story
  • Facilitate discussions and collect feedback
  • Create projects
For examples of Padlet creations click here.
Use your imagination to create engaging opportunities for students to interact with content. Try Padlet for a change!!
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