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dd-logo-brTaking interactive feedback to the next level


Have you ever wondered what to do for those TEKS that start with “the student will be able to explain?”  If so, we found the app for you. Educreations is a whiteboard app that records both writing and audio. Students can draw pictures, explain word problems, and much more with this interactive app.



Examine the image of the screen. Students need to select a pen color, hit record, and create their masterpiece. To turn in the assignment they simply send you the link to their work. The main thing to watch out for when you use this app is that background conversations are often recorded. Make sure students can spread out and record their masterpiece. You don’t want your students to accidentally record the conversations of others in the background. Otherwise, this can be a fun way to help students articulate their understanding of content and concepts.  



But wait! You like the app? Use it to give short instructions, review information, or short tutorials. Use it at a learning station during station or center rotation. You could even explain the first homework problem by linking your educreation with a QR code. Or, imagine it’s almost time to review for the state STAAR™ test. What would it be like if students had a short educreation for each TEKS to help them review?  What a great way to check for understanding and clarify those pesky misconceptions.


It will take a little time and practice to feel comfortable with the app, but it’s well worth the effort to create the interactive feedback opportunities that make learning memorable!




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