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dd-logo-brBrainstorming made simple
Mapping out an essay or story? Brainstorming words for a word web? Researching and organizing a research paper? Let help you organize your ideas. With this interactive tool, you can add different users forming an active and collaborative team. 


bubblusStudents and teachers can collaborate and brainstorm together on the live document. is a visual mind-mapping tool.  You can use it to visually brainstorm ideas related to any topic. This site allows your mind maps to contain images, making it user friendly for younger children as well as adults. can be used for a variety of purposes in and out of the classroom.   
bubblus2Webs, or Mind Maps can be created with just text, or images can also be added. Using a format that contains graphics can be very helpful for students, especially for those who are still learning to read and write. also allows you to print out your Mind Maps, share them, export them or import them to another document as well. Flexibility with the end product can be a very important feature in a tool. Students can share their mind maps with others, or just use them as a jumping off point for a project. 


You can also share Mind Maps with others in a “read-only” format. Sometimes sharing, without editing ability is needed. This feature allows the user to share the URL so the Mind Map can be viewed by others.  

Best part, you can save your Mind Maps for future use. You can begin a project, set it aside by saving it, and then return when new ideas come to you. Make brainstorming interactive and digital with  Use your map, the Mind Map, to discover ways your team can work together.


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