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Mathematics Conferences
















Cornerstones for Success

January 25, 2020


Join other mathematics educators for this one-day conference focused on creating meaningful mathematics experiences and effective learning possibilities for every math student. Attend mini-sessions that provide tools such as classroom-ready activities that bridge concrete, pictorial, and abstract representations of key mathematics concepts, strategies that include all learners, and technology-based activities.


Register by grade level using the links below.


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Session titles are now available!  See our current list of breakout sessions below (as of 12-12-19, subject to change):
Kindergarten – Grade 2
Developing Addition and Subtraction Concepts, K-1
Developing Number Sense, K-1
Empower Students with Mathematical Conceptual Understanding
Engaging Grade 1
“Good Mathematicians Use Math Talk!”
Implementing Mathematical Goals at the Primary Level
Interactive Tools for the K-2 Mathematics Classroom
Making Guided Math Your Own
Strategies to Engage Bilingual Learners

Grades K-5
Building Effective Math Thinkers
Building Fluency through Number Strings and Math Talks
Building Mathematical Growth Mindset Communities
The Coach’s Journey: Reflections & Lessons Learned
Data Binders: Tools to Guide Mathematics Instruction
Developing Numerical Fluency with Addition and Subtraction, Grades 2-3
Dyslexia and Math
Engaging Students with Math Manipulatives
Got MLL’s?
The Importance of Incorporating Daily Math Thinking Routines in Classrooms
It’s All About the Launch!
Let’s Mathematize Our Anchor Charts & Word Walls
Math Vocabulary, Gestures, and Motion
Mathematical Conversations That Support Process Standards
Mathematician You-Tubers: Integrating Flipgrid into Your Mathematics Workstations
Mathematize Your Staff: Create a Love for Mathematics
Mathematizing Your School: Creating and Sharing A Love Of Mathematics
Mathematizing Your Students: Fostering and Celebrating a Love of Mathematics
Number Webs: Explore, Break, Create, and Wonder

Grades 3-5
3rd and 4th Grade Math Escape Rooms
Addressing the Math Needs of Students with Disabilities, Grades 3-5
Assessments On-The-Go! The Logistics of Small Group Instruction
Developing Numerical Fluency with Multiplication and Division Grades 4-5
Digital Activities to Encourage Mathematical Thinking & Discourse
Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Data
Fractions in Action
My Journey with Stations: Success, Mis-Steps, and Resources
Promoting Process Thinking: Getting to More than the Answers
Scaffold Tasks While Maintaining the Rigor
When I Have to Reteach Multiplication and Division of Fractions

Grades 6-8
Breaking the Code of Rigor
Concept Development for ELs in the Mathematics Classroom
Connecting Rates, Ratios, and Proportion
The Discourse–Friendly Classroom: Structures for Student Success
Slope Triangles, Grade 8
Tragedy Transformed: Making Primary Source Mathematical Connections to 9/11
Vocabulary of Personal Financial Literacy
Who's Doing The Heavy Lifting?
You Better Think: Thinking Routines for The Math Classroom

Grades 6 - Algebra 1 and/or High School Geometry
A Blueprint for Productive PLCs
ELL Strategies for ALL Learners
Escape Room in the Classroom!
Galloping To Success Inclusion Style
Indirect Measurement: Finding the Height of a Flag Pole with Your Phone
Magic in the Classroom to Excite Students and Help Problem Solving
Modify That!
Patti Paper, Compasses and Origami to Teach Geometry
Strategies for Numeracy
Tag!! You're It!
Technology and Fun in Mathematics Won
Tiered Vocabulary: How Literature, Learning Modalities, and Lesson Planning Support Math TEKS
Torture Vs Rigor                                           
Using Inexpensive Games to Teach Geometry and More
Algebra I
Better Practice with Exponential Functions
Blended Learning with Linear Equations
Reviewing Linear Functions
Using Proportional Reasoning in Algebra I
Writing Quadratic Equations















Region 4 Mathematics Conference: Cornerstones for Success
Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Credit: 6 CPE
Fee: $100
Audience: Instructional Specialists, Mathematics Coaches, Mathematics Teachers, Special Education Administrators, Special Education Teachers
Region 4 Education Service Center
McKinney Conference Center
7200 Northwest 100 Drive  |  Houston, TX 77092




For questions about these events, e-mail

7145 West Tidwell Road | Houston, Texas 77092-2096 | 713.462.7708
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