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Mathematics Conferences

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Region 4 Virtual Mathematics Conference

Extending Reach, Expanding Impact

January 23, 2021


math-conference-2021-keynote-ratliffOur day will begin with "Making a Difference: Mathematics Practices that Challenge, Engage, and Empower" with Brea Ratliff, our keynote speaker. 


Moving beyond the status quo requires we create equitable spaces for learning mathematics that challenge inequities, raise expectations, and presents mathematics as a valuable collaborative experience for all. From using technology as a tool for problem-solving to incorporating meaningful and rigorous tasks in every lesson, Brea will highlight examples from classroom practice to transform mathematics teaching and learning.



math-conference-2021-keynote-wills-v2The morning will continue with a second keynote presentation, "Teaching Math at a Distance - Math Routines Reimagined for the Remote Classroom", presented by Theresa Wills, PhD.  


Who participates in your virtual class?  If the answer isn’t ALL students, this session’s for you. Learn to increase participation through online math routines with unique structures to engage learners through different modalities. Reclaim your online class with choral counting, WODB, number talks, notice/wonder, and estimation at every grade. 






There will be more than 60 breakout sessions available this year. Sessions will last 20, 45, or 60 minutes. To access breakout sessions and build an interactive community of learning, this year’s conference is hosted through Whova, an app that is accessible by laptop and any mobile device. 
Click the link below for a detailed schedule of sessions!

Here a few of this year's topics. 



  • #KinderCan Flip Over FlipGrid
  • Tips for Facilitating Guided Math with Your Virtual Mathematicians
  • All Students are Math Language Learners: Strategies to Support Student Discourse
  • Engaging Math Routines to Start Your Math Workshop
  • Math Routines in the Blended Learning Classroom
  • Goal Getter: Student Goal-Setting and Data Tracking
  • Instructional Routines: Engaging ALL students
  • Getting Started with Number Talks
  • Mathematicians Talk about Math: Creating Purposeful Discussion
  • Representing Numbers in a Virtual Setting
  • Data Representations in a Virtual Learning Setting, Grades 3-5
  • Addressing Memory Challenges with Operations
  • Is It the Reading or the Math? Problem-Solving Strategies for Mathematics
  • Mathematics Achievement Academy: Problem Solving and Discourse Sneak Peek
  • Number Line to 10,000,000 and Other Math Manipulatives
  • Moving and Grooving: Incorporating the Arts into Math
  • Motivating Students to Shift from “I Can't” to “Look at Me!”
  • Monster Math Strategies: Insider Strategies Reaching and Teaching the Hard to Reach Student
  • Math Workshop for the Blended Classroom
  • It's All Becoming Clear to Me: Creating Student Clarity through Success Criteria and Feedback.
  • Equations in Geometry, Grades 6-8
  • Co-Craft Questions in Data Analysis
  • Co-Craft Problems using Inequalities
  • Exploring the Power of Student Choice in Rational Number Operations
  • In Demand and On-Demand: Geometry and Measurement Tasks for K-2
  • Using the Compare and Connect Mathematics Language Routing to Explore Algebra in Geometry
  • Using the Three Reads Mathematical Language Routine in Courses Beyond Algebra I
  • Rethinking Notetaking in the Mathematics Classroom (6-12)
  • Using Questions to Elicit Student Reasoning 6-12
  • One Situation-Five Equations. Using Representations to Clarify Understanding
  • Starting a Mathematics Task That Gives Access to All Students
  • Lights, Camera, Action: Shine in Front of Your In-Studio Audience and Your At-Home Viewers
  • One-to-One = More Student Engagement
  • Don't Be Mean: Grading for Student Success
  • Thinking and Reasoning about Trigonometric Equations in Precalculus
  • Thinking and Reasoning about Logarithmic Functions
  • Thinking and Reasoning about Surface Area and Volume
  • Fraction Division, Grades 5-7
  • Volume, Grades 6-8
  • Multiple Representations of Linear Relationships, Grades 7-8
  • Moving and Grooving: Incorporating the Arts into Math
  • Motivating Students to Shift from “I Can't” to “Look at Me!”
  • Monster Math Strategies: Insider Strategies Reaching and Teaching the Hard to Reach Student
General Interest
  • Making Math Meaningful, Virtually!
  • Mathematize Your School – Virtually!
  • …but F.I.R.S.T.: Fluency, I-Solve, Review Vocabulary, Spiral Review, and Technology
  • Mathematicians Collaborate! Mathematicians Connect! Mathematicians use Twitter!
  • Fact Fluency & Young Mathematicians: One Campus’ Journey
  • Bias to Action! Implementing Professional Learning through Lesson Study
  • Exploring Personal Financial Literacy Through Culturally Responsive Tasks
  • Developing Mathematical Language for Equity
  • Curriculum Compacting for Advanced Math Learners
  • Understanding the Gifted Math Student
  • Modify That! Accommodations and Modifications
  • Tag!! You're it! Co-Teaching in the Mathematics Classroom
  • Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted Learner
  • Fine-Tuning Teacher Language: Relational Language that Supports English Learners
  • Tap-and-Talk: A Language and Writing Strategy for English Learners
  • A Simple Plan for Solving Compassion Fatigue in Educators Leading to Teacher Retention
  • Building Schema Through Gameplay
  • Hip Hop Digital Stories: Teaching Math Through Popular Rap Songs
  • But, I Hate Math - Shifting the Learning Culture



Register by grade level using the links below.


buttongrades-k buttongrades-6-8(1) buttongrades-9-12



Meet this year's Keynote Speakers


Brea Ratliff is the immediate Past-President of the Benjamin Banneker Association, Inc (BBA); a national organization established to advocate for high quality mathematics instruction for all students, with an emphasis on students of African ancestry. She is the founder and Educational Strategist of Me to the Power of Three, LLC, a consulting company which specializes in developing inquiry-based programs and resources to support the teaching and learning of mathematics at all levels.

Miss Ratliff has taught mathematics at the elementary, middle, high school and collegiate levels, been an academic coach for mathematics and science, Master Math Teacher, and a District K-12 Mathematics Supervisor. She was also the Secondary Mathematics Research Coordinator for the SMU Research in Mathematics Education (RME) Unit and an adjunct lecturer at the university.

As a published author, Miss Ratliff has developed several mathematics curriculum guides, teaching materials and professional resources.  She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in secondary mathematics education at Auburn University, where she serves as a graduate teaching assistant and researcher.



Theresa Wills, PhD, is the author of Teaching Math from a Distance, K-12: A Practical Guide to Rich Remote Instruction.  She is an assistant professor of mathematics education in the School of Education at George Mason University, where she works with inservice mathematics specialists and preservice elementary and secondary teachers.  Theresa has taught synchronous online classes and webinars since 2010 and researchers teaching practices that are adaptable to the online environment.  She is a former classroom teacher and math coach who still volunteers regularly in K-12 classrooms.  




Region 4 Virtual Mathematics Conference
Date: Saturday, January 23, 2021
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Credit: 6 CPE
Fee: $135
Audience: Instructional Specialists, Mathematics Coaches, Mathematics Teachers, Special Education Administrators, Special Education Teachers
To access breakout sessions and build an interactive community of learning, this year’s conference is hosted through Whova, an app that is accessible by laptop and any mobile device.  For additional information about this event, e-mail
7145 West Tidwell Road | Houston, Texas 77092-2096 | 713.462.7708
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