ll-prek-developmental-practice-2024Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Classrooms

June 25, 2024  |  3-Hour Virtual Session

Developmentally appropriate practice means providing a joyful, engaging, play based environment for the Early Childhood Classrooms in Prekindergarten and Kindergarten. It is essential that students feel safe in order to use their natural curiosity to explore the world around them, take risks learning oral language, and enjoy learning through hands on experiences. Providing opportunities for families to participate in the classroom is also important. This session will review the latest research on developmentally appropriate practices and student learning.  Learn more and register here.


ll-prek-oral-language-june-2024Activities to Develop and Assess Oral Language and Vocabulary in Prekindergarten

June 26, 2024  |  90-minute Virtual Session

Research underscores the pivotal role of oral language and vocabulary development in building foundational reading skills and fostering academic confidence. Join us for an engaging virtual session where we will explore diverse strategies for cultivating and evaluating oral language and vocabulary proficiency in early childhood classrooms. Learn more and register here.












ll-prek-book-study-july-2024Book Study for the Early Childhood Practitioner

3-Session Series begins July 11, 2024

Want to learn something new in Early Childhood Education? There is always something else that we can learn to put in our teacher toolbox to use when providing quality instruction for all the students we serve. The Prekindergarten Specialists at Region 4 Education Service Center would like to invite you to participate in a book study to open your mind to new skills, new strategies, new mindsets, and to collaborate with colleagues on how to implement the new learning in your classroom. Join us on a journey of building quality EC practitioners who will create solid foundations for all children to succeed! Learn more and register for this FREE virtual series here.









ll-prek-learning-environments-july-2024Learning Environments in Prekindergarten:

Preparing Students for Success!

Designing a Developmentally Appropriate and Conducive Learning Environment

July 18, 2024

Safe, responsive, and nurturing environments are important components of learning and development of prekindergarten students. Such environments also help to prevent or alleviate challenging behaviors and to implement effective interventions for young children, supporting and developing independence and social-emotional growth. Join us for a day of learning about cultivating a responsive, warm, and caring environment in an inclusive prekindergarten classroom. Learn more and register here.




ll-prek-canciones-july-2024Canciones, rimas y rondas para el desarrollo de habilidades de comunicación y oralidad en preescolar

July 25, 2024

El desarrollo del lenguaje oral en la etapa de educación temprana es fundamental ya que es el instrumento que permitirá a los estudiantes acceso al contenido y desarrollo social satisfactorio.


Las investigaciones muestran un fuerte vínculo entre el desarrollo oral y las habilidades de lecto-escritura, convirtiendo las habilidades de comunicación en predictores para lograr éxito en lectura y escritura.


El uso de canciones, rimas y rondas en preescolar son herramientas esenciales para el desarrollo de habilidades orales, desarrollo de vocabulario y comunicación.


Acompáñenos en este taller en donde compartiremos estrategias y recursos para el desarrollo oral y de comunicación en el salón de preescolar bilingüe. Learn more and register here.



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