Internet Websites for Child Nutrition Information

National Organizations:
» American Cancer Society
» American Commodity Distribution Association
» American Culinary Federation
» American Dietetic Association
» American Heart Association
» American School Health Association
» Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
» Dietary Guidelines for Americans
» Food Marketing Institute
» Foodservice and Packaging Institute
» National Dairy Council
» National Food Service Management Institute
» Produce for Better Health Foundation
» Produce Marketing Association
» School Nutrition Association 
» Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management
» Texas Farm Bureau
» The Food Allergy Research and Education
» USDA Child Nutrition Programs
» USDA's MyPlate
State Organizations:
» Dairy Max
» Marketing Texas Products 
» Texas Association for School Nutrition
» Texas Department of Agriculture
» Texas Education Agency
Nutrition Education Links:
»  Nutrition.Gov
» USDA Team Nutrition
Food Safety Links:
» FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
» Fight Bac
» Food Safety and Inspection Service
» CDC Food Safety Division
» Foodsafety.Gov
» USDA/FDA Foodborne Illness Education Information Center
Coordinated School Health/Health Advisory Council Links:
» CDC Coordinated School Health Program
» Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) Program
» School Health Advisory Councils
» Texas School Health Network
Other Food Service Links:
» Commercial Item Descriptions
» Food Buying Guide
» Food Fit
» The Cook's Thesaurus
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