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Professional Development

Behavior and Classroom Management

Practical Strategies and Resources that Get Results
Although our specialists take great care to embed behavior strategies into all of our instructional and academic sessions, these highlighted sessions provide specialized tools for classroom teachers and administrators to create an efficient, effective, and positive climate.


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Professional Learning Workshops


Youth Mental Health First Aid

Youth Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour training course designed to give members of the public key skills to help an adolescent who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The 8-hour course covers a range of common disorders and potential crises such as helping a young person who is having a panic attack, is contemplating suicide or is struggling with substance abuse. 
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Tools and Strategies for Teaching Social Skills in Self-Contained Classrooms
May 19, 2020

Social skills deficits will negatively impact student performance in school environments. Students in self-contained classrooms often need additional social skills instruction to successfully interact with peers and adults to make progress. This session will discuss brain development, assessing and determining social skills, using best practices to develop and implement social skills lesson plans, practical ways to engage students in learning and practicing those skills, and progress monitoring for best outcomes.  DETAILS




Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) for ALL Students

A Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is a systematic, evidence-based process for assessing behavior and the context in which it occurs that has been established as a proactive approach that can be used at the first signs of challenging behavior.  A primary goal of a FBA is to guide the development of effective, positive interventions based on the function (purpose) of the behavior. During this 2-day training, participants will:

  • Learn the foundations to understanding behaviors
  • Develop interventions linked to functions of students' challenging behaviors
  • Examine systematic methods to conduct FBAs
  • Identify interventions and components of effective positive behavior support (intervention) plans


Session Dates:



Circle-Up: Positive and Restorative Practices for Relationship Building and Conflict Resolution Training of Trainers (TOT)

This training will provide a more comprehensive look at the use of circles as one of the restorative discipline practices.  Training will include defining key features of different types of circles, participating in and experiencing a variety of circles, practicing facilitation of different types of circles, identifying ways to evaluate the fidelity of the use of circles, and identifying implementation strategies that will facilitate an effective roll-out of different types of circles.


Session Dates



CHAMPS: A Proactive & Positive Approach to Classroom Management

The CHAMPS: A Proactive & Positive Approach to Classroom Management session is designed to help participants manage student behavior and increase student motivation, acquire information to assist in developing or strengthening classroom management plans, identify and maintain the effective parts of current classroom management plans while concurrently identifying and strengthening areas of need, acquire knowledge, ideas, and suggestions that can have a positive benefit on behavior and motivation for students. Participants will walk away from this 2 day session with the knowledge and skills to be confident and successful in dealing with students.  REGISTER




Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted/Talented Students

Build a working knowledge of the intense feelings and sensitivities of the gifted student.  Learn to recognize and interpret the behaviors of gifted children and how these behaviors can affect their social growth and academic achievement. Participants will explore strategies to increase gifted students' awareness of their own social development and how it impacts their academic achievement. 


Session Dates:



Building Relationships Through Circles
Restorative Practices are a relational approach to building school climate that fosters belonging over exclusion and social engagement over control.  This fun and energizing session will look at practical ways to implement Restorative Practices to build relationships through circles in the classroom.  Come learn how this process can change your classroom climate and student behavior for the whole school year.  Multiple resources will be shared. This is not just another initiative! This is an opportunity to build student social skills for success and regain our love for our profession by building strong connections with students. 





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