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Professional Development

Behavior and Classroom Management

Practical Strategies and Resources that Get Results
Although our specialists take great care to embed behavior strategies into all of our instructional and academic sessions, these highlighted sessions provide specialized tools for classroom teachers and administrators to create an efficient, effective, and positive climate.


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Live Virtual Workshops

Trauma-Informed Evaluation Practices and Special Education

October 16, 2020

Given the increasing societal prevalence of potentially traumatic events, including those associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely that many students you work with have been impacted by traumatic stress. “Trauma” is not a special education eligibility category under IDEA, so how do we think about the influence of trauma when conducting evaluations for students referred for special education? Trauma-informed evaluation requires an awareness of the prevalence, symptoms, and impacts of trauma, as well as recommendations for strategies to address traumatic stress. In special education, we also have to understand how posttraumatic stress and disability conditions may—or may not be—related to one another. LEARN MORE.



Unpacking the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards

October 20, 2020

This interactive, virtual professional development will introduce participants to the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards. After exploring available resources, participants will leave with an understanding of how to authentically incorporate the social justice standards into their daily practice. Participants will deepen their understanding of the social justice standards as a way to create and sustain classroom and school environments that honor diversity, equity and justice.  LEARN MORE



Speak Up at School

November 10, 2020

When educators or students witness instances of bias and injustice, they often don’t know what to do. This interactive, virtual professional development will introduce participants to Teaching Tolerance strategies that educators and students can use to speak up instead of remain silent. Participants will learn how to use the four speak up strategies to speak up against bias and injustice. LEARN MORE



Thinking Systematically: Implementing Equitable Instruction and Culturally Responsive Practices

November 11 and 13, 2020

This session will discuss a systematic approach for implementing alternatives to exclusionary practices across three levels of influence (i.e., the classroom, the school building, and the district) in an effort to support educators in reducing discipline disparities. Specifically, the session will focus on equitable access and implementation of instructional and culturally responsive practices across each level. LEARN MORE



On-Demand Online Courses


Behavior 101

On-Demand Course

Are you interested in learning about behavior theory, why students engage in certain behaviors, and how behavioral theory is at work in your classroom? If you answered "Yes" to these questions, then the Behavior 101 online course is the training for you! This online course will provide an overview of behavior theory, the functions of behavior, the types of consequences, and other important factors in addressing behaviors. The online format allows participants to work at their own pace while providing interactive learning. Following the training, participants will understand foundational behavior principles/theory, the importance of the function of behaviors, and how these concepts can be used to help staff make decisions based on addressing students’ behavioral needs.  Learn more and register here.




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