G/T Professional Development

Region 4 encourages educators to check with their district G/T lead before registering for any session. It is a district-level decision regarding what is accepted for G/T training.
Region 4 offers Gifted/Talented (G/T) professional learning opportunities that meet the required 30-hour foundational and 6-hour update mandatory trainings (including those for Administrators and Counselors).
Online courses operate for approximately three (3) months and are self-paced.

30-Hour G/T Foundational Courses
All-in-One Training Bundles, Designed for Flexibility!
The two sessions below meet the entire 30-hour foundational teacher requirement. Each option contains different components. Region 4 recommends that educators verify which option aligns with their district requirements by contacting their district G/T administrator.

Individual 6-Hour Foundational Courses
The sessions below may be counted for the G/T 6-hour update if a teacher needs a refresh of the content or if your district requires different trainings for the 30-hour foundational requirement. 
Online and face-to-face options are available:

Other G/T Update Session Opportunities
The sessions below may be counted for the G/T 6-hour update.
Individual 6-Hour Update Courses
Face-to-face only:
 Online only:
Individual 3-Hour Update Courses
The sessions below ask participants to create a classroom experience for gifted learners through one differentiation strategy. Participants will review information about the strategy and plan an experience to implement in their classroom. Participants submit their plans to their district in addition to the course certificate to receive update credit. Choose two courses to receive the full six-hour credit.
Elementary Teacher Online Options:
Secondary Teacher Online Options:

Administrator and Counselor Opportunities
The sessions below fulfill the requirements outlined in the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented Students for Administrators and Counselors.
Region 4 offers both online and face-to-face opportunities.

Please email gifted@esc4.net with questions.


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