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Advanced Placement* (AP*)


Advanced Placement* (AP*) Coursework for Secondary Students

Pre-AP* is designed to increase the pool of students who will be successful in AP classes in the 11th and 12th grades. It is a curriculum that is used to strengthen the educational program of all students in middle and high school. Teachers would still need to differentiate the curriculum for gifted students the way any general curriculum would be modified for gifted students. Pre-AP workshops will help teachers identify and foster in students the skills and attributes that will prepare them for AP courses or other rigorous college level coursework.


Many districts across the state of Texas provide Advanced Placement classes to meet the needs of the advanced student. Teachers who are responsible to prepare those students for the challenging AP courses will benefit from attending Advanced Placement Summer Institutes (APSI). These are week long College Board sponsored courses that help prepare a teacher to successfully implement a rigorous challenging program. The premise of an AP class is that college-level materials can be taught successfully to able and academically advanced secondary students. AP* classes, with appropriate modifications for the G/T student, can also be an example of a learning opportunity where a G/T student works on advanced content reflecting depth and complexity in a specific subject area.


Resources for Teachers of AP*, Pre-AP*, and G/T Classes
Texas Education Agency has created a resource called Gifted/Talented Teacher Toolkit II to assist AP* educators in meeting the needs of their G/T learners.  The Advanced Academics Curriculum Evaluation, a Web-Based Curriculum Evaluation Tool, provides a “rubric”, created by an AP*/GT task force, to help evaluate AP* curriculum for gifted learners.  The rubric is based on a checklist of research-based principles of differentiation for the gifted student.
View the Gifted/Talented Teacher Toolkit II provided by TEA 


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