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The McKinney Conference Center at Region 4 ESC will be under construction until August 2024. With that in mind, please note the following:

  • Pay close attention to workshop locations. They will be listed on all workshop confirmations.
  • Please register for all sessions at least 14 days prior. We must have a certain number of registrants to secure alternate training sites.


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This document is designed for instructional leaders to use as they determine the professional learning needs of their teachers. It lists all of the workshops we're currently providing. The first few pages are organized by grade band and include detailed descriptions of each workshop. The last few pages display a grid that highlights key considerations including workshop length, ideal audience, and focus areas. Feel free to view, download, and let us know what you need!





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  Science Leadership

Science Speaker Series

  Online Course Learning



Grade Bands

K-12 K-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 6-12 Grades 9-12


For more information about any of these workshops, e-mail us at


All session times are from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted).


Date Session Virtual F2F
June 19, 2024 Transitioning to the New Science TEKS X  
July 15, 2024 Exploring the K–12 Science Framework   X
July 18, 2024 Transitioning to the New Science TEKS X  
October 9, 2024 Developing Models for Student Sensemaking in Science   X
October 16, 2024 Exploring the K-12 Science Framework   X
October 22, 2024 Driving Science Instruction using Phenomena   X
October 23, 2024 Exploring Scientific and Engineering Practices (SEPs)   X
November 5, 2024 Exploring Recurring Themes and Concepts (RTCs)   X
November 19, 2024 Content-Based Language Instruction in Science   X
December 4, 2024 Designing High-Quality Assessments in Science   X
December 10-11, 2024 K-12 Statewide STEM Teacher Training   X
January 16, 2025 Exploring Scientific and Engineering Practices (SEPs)   X
January 29, 2025 Developing Models for Student Sensemaking in Science   X
February 5, 2025 Exploring Recurring Themes and Concepts (RTCs)   X
February 20, 2025 Designing High-Quality Assessments in Science   X
March 4, 2025 Fostering STEM Thinking in the Classroom   X
July 16-17, 2025 K-12 Statewide STEM Teacher Training   X


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Date Session Virtual F2F
October 17, 2024 Detecting, Confronting, and Replacing Misconceptions in Elementary Science   X
November 6, 2024 Integrating Engineering Design in Science Instruction   X


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Grades 6–8

Date Session Virtual F2F
  Check back soon!    



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Grades 6–12

Date Session Virtual F2F
January 30, 2025 Increasing Inquiry in Secondary Science   X



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Grades 9–12

Date Session Virtual F2F
July 17, 2024 Launching the New Biology TEKS   X
October 15, 2024 Launching the New Biology TEKS   X
November 7, 2024 Improving Conceptual Understanding in Biology with E's    X



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Science Leadership

Date Session Virtual F2F
January 22-23, 2025 K-12 Statewide STEM Leadership Training   X
February 11-12, 2025 Curriculum Mapping in Science   X


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Shell Speaker Series 2023–2024

Date Session Virtual F2F
June 18–19, 2024 Shell Science Speaker Series: Making Sense of Three-Dimensional Teaching and Learning (NSTA)   X


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Online Course Learning

Interested in taking Region 4 Science courses when it's most convenient for YOU? We offer several online courses that can be taken over 30 days, at your own pace. Earn as many as 6 CPE from the comfort of your computer! For more information, follow the links below. For more information about these sessions, e-mail



STAAR Review to Go for Science:

In this self-paced online course, participants learn how to use STAAR Review to Go: Science to create folder-based or digital TEKS-aligned science activities designed to review science concepts assessed on STAAR Science. The registration fee for this session includes a copy of grade-specific STAAR Review to Go: Science, and a license for digital access. 

Register for the STAAR Review to Go on-demand online session by grade level, using the links below:


Grade 4


Grade 5, Volume 1


Grade 5, Volume 2


Grade 8, Volume 1


Grade 8, Volume 2


Biology, Volume 1


Biology, Volume 2


Exploring the K-12 Science Framework

Explore the three dimensions of science education outlined in A Framework for K-12 Science Education (National Research Council): scientific and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas. COMING SOON!






STEM Literacy

Define and discuss STEM literacy and its importance. Explore strategies that can be used before, during, and after reading that allow for independent and collaborative student work. Examine how to safely research on the Internet using various search engines and tools to curate information. Complete the course by putting new skills into practice. Learn more and register here.



Getting STEM Ready

Explore what having a STEM ready classroom entails. Define STEM and discuss what a STEM classroom looks and feels like. Consider materials, where to find them, and then how to manage and design makerspaces. Experience STEM in practice and conclude by mapping out how to embed STEM into your classroom. Learn more and register here.



The Engineering Design Process

Explore the engineering design process (EDP). Learn how STEM experiences are supported and explore the key components of the EDP through the lens of teacher and student actions. Participants will leave with a design challenge and ideas for implementation, including supporting students as they develop their STEM thinking. Learn more and register here.



Safety in the Secondary Science Classroom

Understand the importance of teacher instruction and lab supervision to promote safe practices in the science classroom. Gain knowledge to establish and maintain safety equipment and proper chemical management including the GHS implementation (OSHA Hazards Communication Standard). Learn more and register here.










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