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Science Product Resources


Product Crosswalk Documents

These documents will help navigate our products using the 2018 streamlined TEKS. 


Elementary Middle School High School
Kindergarten Sixth Grade Biology
First Grade Seventh Grade Chemistry
Second Grade Eighth Grade  
Third Grade    
Fourth Grade    
Fifth Grade    
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Region 4 Hub logo
The Region 4 Hub hosts our digital products and samples. 
(Note: This account is totally separate and apart from a Region 4 account that tracks transcripts and certificates!)


Science Product Information for EMAT

(Updated 8/24/18)

To use IMA funds, quickly find a list of the science products we offer, their ID and ISBN numbers, descriptions, prices, and the percentage of TEKS they address.



Science TEKS Streamlining Update

A clean version of the streamlined science TEKS is available!

TEA Assessment has also posted updated documents that detail blueprints and readiness/supporting standards!


The goal of the streamlining process was

to omit or clarify science TEKS.


We will discuss implications for deleted 

science TEKS once the finalized TEKS are 

posted to the Texas Register.


New materials are NOT required to

teach the streamlined science TEKS.


Because nothing new was added to the 

curriculum for any grade level, existing 

resources and materials cover 100% of 

the 2018-19 science TEKS.


*For TEKS that only have one student expectation (SE), letter notations will not be assigned in the Texas Register. However, for assessment purposes, a letter WILL be assigned for uniformity in reporting.


For example, TEKS 7.6 only has one SE. The Texas Register does not allow a bulleted list for one item so it remains 7.6. However, for assessment uniformity, 7.6 will be listed as 7.6A. This occurs in other grade levels and content areas.


If you need assistance with professional development or planning for the streamlined science TEKS, please let us know. Contact us via phone at 713.744.6577 or by email at



Tools and Equipment

Highlighted tools show when they are introduced.


double pan and triple beam balances


Streamlined Science TEKS Changes

This document includes the main changes within each grade band.



Region 4's DRAFT Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Vertical Alignment Document

We've studied the streamlined TEKS and aligned the student expectations by theme within reporting categories. 


first page of kindergarten through eighth grade vertical alignment table



It's a Science Free 4 All!

You asked for it. You got it! This section of the product page contains free access to some of our most requested resources we've presented at workshops, meetings, and conferences. 



STAAR Review to Go Tracking Tables

Students may use a tracking table to record which activities they've completed as well as indicate their confidence level with the concepts in each. The tables also serve as a way for teachers to see student accomplishment.


STAR Review to Go student tracking table


Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 5 Spanish

Grade 8


Blank Template

*If your district or campus has created folder activities, the blank template is customizable for your needs.


Participation Cards

*Print either file two-sided, flip on short side. You'll get 2-4 cards per sheet depending on the file.*

Use these cards as formative assessment tools. Students can indicate their answers sliding a paper clip or by pinching the card using an index finger and thumb. You'll be able to see answer choices no matter where you are in the room because the cards are the same on the front and back. The faces at the bottom of the card on the left can indicate how confident students are with the answers they've chosen.




participation card in english, two cards per sheet         participation card in english, four per card 




participation card in spanish, two per card          participation card in spanish, four per card



Which Surface is the Most Waterproof?
Reading and language supports are built into this 
investigation where students use observation, analysis, critical thinking, and judgment to solve a problem. Download the files to create your own portable water lab. This activity was developed using the Universal Design for Learning framework to proactively differentiate the lesson for a broader student audience. Let us know how you used and/or modified the activity for your students! (Not shown: Water and small baggie with two pipettes and consumable paper samples. 


UDL water lab folder example  



Investigation Procedures
Data Table
Scan to Listen Labels
Test Paper Labels



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