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Reading By Design Online Course



Systematic, Explicit, and Intensive Reading Intervention

Reading by Design: An Individualized Literacy Intervention is a systematic, multisensory approach aligned with research-based practices for developing literacy. This intervention follows an intensive, explicit, and cumulative design for remediation of reading and writing skills at all grade levels. This comprehensive program addresses the following components: phonological awareness, sound-symbol association, six syllable types, written spelling patterns, morphology, syntax, reading fluency, and comprehension. Progress monitoring and review lessons are embedded throughout the program to inform student progress and promote reading and writing automaticity. Reading by Design may be used with students in kindergarten through grade 12 in a small, homogeneous group setting. (Teacher training required.)


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rla-rbd-web-graphic-3-v2Reading by Design is a FIVE VOLUME SET

  • Volume 1: Alphabetic principle
  • Volumes 2–4: Six syllable types, digraphs, diphthongs, vowel pairs, consonant clusters, special situations, etc.
  • Volume 5: Greek and Latin roots, morphology
Reading by Design:
  • May Be Used K–12
  • Recommended Delivery
    • 4–5 days per week
    • One lesson per day (30–45 minutes)
  • Mastery Checks
    • Progress monitoring
    • Placement in program
    • Pre- and post-assessment
  • Bridge Lessons
  • Review Lessons


Online Professional Development

(These workshops may be held virtually, or face-to-face - check the links below for details)


Dyslexia Intervention Fundamentals with Reading by Design (Online)

Learn the fundamentals of dyslexia intervention through a review of Texas dyslexia laws and current research, as well as best practices in dyslexia instruction.  Delve into evidence-based components of instruction and explore continuums for developing reading ability in students with dyslexia.  Learn how to deliver daily intervention utilizing Reading by Design, a systematic, explicit, and intensive reading program.  Participants will receive the entire Reading by Design program with supplemental resources necessary for small group instruction. This course requires attendance for 5 full days of training.


Upcoming course start dates:



Reading by Design Bridge Training (Online)

Participants will review best practices in dyslexia intervention as learned in the Dyslexia Intervention Program training and bridge this knowledge to the Reading by Design program. Participants will explore the new material in Reading by Design and take a deeper dive into enhanced program components.


Important Note: This training program is exclusively for participants that have been previously trained by Region 4 in the Region 4 Dyslexia Intervention Program. Participants must send an email to with a request to register for this session and a scanned copy of the certificate of attendance for the Dyslexia Program Basics training that clearly shows the dates of attendance. Approved participants will be notified of their registration status, and only approved participants are allowed to register for the course and attend the training.


Upcoming course start dates:



Adapting Reading by Design for Specially Designed Instruction (Special Education)

In this session, special education teachers will learn how to adapt content, methodology, and delivery of instruction (specially designed instruction) of Reading by Design: An Individualized Literacy Intervention. Teachers will learn how to adapt this program for students identified through IDEA as having the reading disability of dyslexia.


Upcoming course start dates:



For more information about Reading by Design, e-mail


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