Restorative Practices






Circle-Up: Restorative Practices to Support Students' Transition

from Alternative Education Program to their Home Campus


Restorative Practices are a relational approach to building a school climate that fosters belonging over exclusion and social engagement over control.  This fun and energizing session will look at practical ways to implement Restorative Practices to build relationships through circles in the classroom. 


Come learn how this process can change your classroom climate and student behavior for the whole school year.  Multiple resources will be shared. This is not just another initiative! This is an opportunity to build student social skills for success and regain our love for our profession by building strong connections with students. Register here.



Circle-Up Positive and Restorative Practices for Relationship Building and Conflict Resolution—Training of Trainers

June 17–18, 2024  |  Virtual Session

This two-day virtual training will provide a more comprehensive look at the use of circles as one of the restorative discipline practices.  Training will include defining key features of different types of circles, participating in and experiencing a variety of circles, practicing facilitation of different types of circles, identifying ways to evaluate the fidelity of the use of circles, creation of circle lessons, and identifying implementation strategies that will facilitate an effective roll-out of different types of circles. Participants will become fully equipped to successfully facilitate circles with tons of resources to support implementation immediately.  Register here.





Alternatives to Suspension Using Restorative Practices

June 27, 2024  |  Virtual Session


This full-day virtual session will provide practical strategies for how to address disciplinary actions using restorative practices.  A variety of activities will be used to encourage participant reflection on disciplinary mindset and practices, stakeholder support for non-exclusionary forms of discipline, and application of alternative strategies. 


This session will review policies and practices that may address Results Driven Accountability (RDA) discipline concerns by providing alternatives to traditional disciplinary practices and strategies to support their use. Register here.





Repairing Harm with Restorative Conferences

July 24, 2024  |  Virtual


This session will detail the steps in facilitating a restorative conference. Restorative conferences switch up our responses to wrongdoing in schools. They encourage your students to be active and willing participants in their own discipline and these practices don’t seek to establish unilateral punishment techniques to all students for all offenses.


By involving the victim and offender in the process when appropriate, you help reestablish connections, build relationships, and foster a sense of growth and community within your students. This session will also review fundamental behavioral principles of positive reinforcement and behavior-specific praise to build the ultimate behavior changes desired. participants will receive materials to support the implementation of this process. Register here.


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