Restorative Practices Forum 2022


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Important Session Information:
The Restorative Forum is two days (separate registration session numbers)


June 13, 2022, 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Session # 1643827
June 14, 2022, 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Session # 1643826




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COVID-19, natural disasters, current events, and our students’ everyday lives warrant an opportunity for them to have healthy relationships at school. Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) provide an opportunity for students to have a voice and be heard. PCEs are also about building connections with classmates, feeling a part of a community, and learning empathy. These skills are developed through Restorative Practice Circles, which focus on building and strengthening relationships, repairing harm, and increasing accountability.

Join us for illuminating presentations from national speakers and showcase campuses and districts to discover how the use of Restorative
Practices can bring the joy back to teaching and supporting students.


Meet the Presenters


Kay Pranisvalandra

Restorative Principles in the Daily Life of School

Explore the foundational principles of Restorative Practice Circles and examine the incorporation of circles in the daily life of students and educators to create a healthy school culture that maximizes learning.


Kay Pranis teaches about the dialog process known as Peacemaking Circles and has been involved in developing their use in schools, universities, churches, and workplaces. She is the author of The Little Book of Circle Processes: A New/Old Approach to Peacemaking and Circle Forward–2020 Revised Edition: Building a Restorative School Community.



Showcase Campus Presentation
Snyder Primary, Snyder ISD
Canita Rhodes, Principal

Presentations by:
Amy Crist
Lacee Wall
Afton Schneider
Yuliana Thamez
Dana Henderson
Shana Robbins




Dr. Adam Sáenz

Relationships That Work

How does one build life-impacting relationships with students, resourceful relationships with colleagues, and supportive  relationships with parents? Based on his book, Relationships That Work, Dr. Sáenz will present a framework that will help fuel of your emotions, build relational bridges across differences, and protect against toxic situations.



Dr. Adam Sáenz earned his Ph.D. in School Psychology from Texas A&M University as a U.S. Department of Education doctoral fellow. He consults with schools and corporations in the areas of emotional intelligence, self-care, and relationship-based learning.



Restorative Practices Leadership District Showcase

Traditionally, exclusionary practices such as suspension, expulsion, and restraint have been utilized to address school disciplinary issues, which can negatively affect student achievement, school culture, and climate. On day 2, education leaders will learn how Restorative Practices can help to reduce violence and bullying, improve human behavior, restore relationships, and repair harm.


Dr. Therese Sandomierski
Restorative Practices: Discipline Policies and Practices
Learn about discipline policies and practices that have been effectively used in schools and districts. Therese Sandomierski, Ph.D., serves as the Florida Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (FLPBIS) Project’s colead on the disproportionate discipline workgroup, developing supports to district and school teams.


Catherine Landry
Restorative Conferencing
The use of Restorative Practices, including conferencing, is spreading across the field of education, which can build social capital (a network of relationships) and achieve social discipline through participatory learning and decision-making. Catherine Landry, M.Ed., is an education specialist at Region 4 Eduction Service Center (Region
4 ESC).


robbieRobbie Gill


Restorative Practices Integration into Discipline Practices

Learn the process one school went through to move from a system that relied heavily on punitive discipline to a system that used logical consequences to promote student development and growth. Robbie Gill is an education specialist at Region 4 ESC and former middle school principal. As a principal, Gill worked with his campus to build a set of logical, transparent, and restorative discipline structures that helped shape the school’s culture, while improving student learning.


tomball-isdShowcase District: Tomball ISD
Dr. Ann H. Lê
Jennifer McCready
Shannon Gutierrez
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Region 4 Education Service Center
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