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Alongside a great interest in restorative justice, attention has turned to the development of restorative practices in educational settings as well as how this might respond to some of the continuing concerns about discipline and violence in schools.  As it has developed in the criminal justice system, restorative practice seeks to provide, perhaps for the first time, a much clearer framework for restitution in schools.  Offenses can result in sanctions, but within a context where the relationship damaged by the offense is the priority and based on the premise that this damaged relationship is repaired.  The offending individual is reintegrated, not only for the good of that individual but also for that of the community as a whole.

Best practices call for more than just an enthusiastic administrator or a good teacher training.  Rather, they call for a practice that supports positive childhood experiences, developing relationships, strengthening relationships, repairing harm, and increasing accountability.  Restorative Practices is a relational approach for all school staff to building school climate that fosters belonging over exclusion, social engagement over control, and meaningful accountability over punishment. 


Available Trainings:

  • Region 4 Restorative Practices Trainings
  • Circle-Up Social Studies K–12
  • Restorative Practices Circle-Up Training for Trainers
  • Restorative Practices Circle-Up Building Relationships
  • Restorative Practices Coaches Corner—For RP Coordinators or Administrators
  • Restorative Practices—Effective Statements
  • Restorative Practices Circle-Up—Instructional Circles Social Studies


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