Resiliency Conference 2020


Keynote Speaker



William (Bill) Herman

In the Eye of the Storm

How do we stay secure, calm, strong, and centered in times of anxiety? Emotional awareness, responsibility, acceptance, forgiveness, vulnerability, and self-care are the cornerstones of healthy modeled behavior. Herman will explore evidencebased physiological and cognitive tools that support our personal empowerment, forming a healthier next generation


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Tap Into Relaxation

Presented by Ange Finn

This session will provide a variety of simple body-based relaxation techniques, including Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and others. She will give participants a brief background in how these techniques have an essential role in relieving stress and improving mood and cognition, especially when experiencing reactions to traumatic experiences. Participants will experience using these techniques during the session, and learn how best to use them for self-care and how to teach them to students.


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Mindfulness for Educators

In recent years mindfulness has been popularized in the media.  Mindfulness is now being taught for educators and implemented in classrooms across the nation.  Mindfulness is not just about breathing, although the breath can relax your body.  It's learning to bring a quality of attention that can change your daily stress.  Through this training, you will realize that you don't create most of your thoughts, and you don't have to believe your stressful thoughts. You can question beliefs, quit making assumptions, and become more curious.  You can also bring kindness and compassion practices to yourself and others when you are hurting.

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Laughter Yoga: The Ultimate Superpower

Presented by Jan Carroll

This presentation is experiential and powerful as Janet teaches the impressive science, research, and healing of Laughter Yoga, the physiology of stress/burnout, and its catastrophic effects on the body as well as how to laugh yourself into Health, Happiness, and increased Resilience. Laughter Yoga is both a SOLUTION and a PREVENTION to address almost all classroom and personal challenges.*Perfect for all Education Professionals and easily shared with Students! No yoga mat or physical activity required.


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Avoid Burn-Out and Combat Fatigue

Presented by Sharon Bayus, MA, LPC‐S


Regardless of our jobs, we are all exposed to stress. Every citizen is currently exposed to stress never experienced before with the COVID-19 pandemic and economic shut-down. We are working at home with children who need structure and home-schooling, we are unsure of financial stability for ourselves or others we love, we are learning new forms of electronic interaction, are concerned for the health of the family, coworkers, employees, students and worried about the general future of our country. During the last decade, Texans have experienced Hurricane Harvey and witnessed the shooting in Santa Fe ISD, causing school officials concern for their districts. If you don't have some level of stress, you may have been dropped off from another planet. This workshop will look at the signs of Cumulative Stress and Compassion Fatigue, and it's effects on the individual, relationships, and campus functions as a team. Strategies for addressing these symptoms in individuals, families, and groups are shared and discussed so that you can avoid long-term burnout and compassion fatigue in your life and on your campus.


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debbiesilverDr. Debbie Silver

Deliberate Optimism: Reclaiming the Joy in Education


Are you working harder and enjoying it less? Dr. Silver will provide pragmatic steps to build and maintain your resiliency in today’s fluctuating world of education. Based on research for her best-selling book, Deliberate Optimism: Reclaiming the Joy in Education, Dr. Silver will offer inspiration for enjoying your job more no matter how it is shifting, whether you or a teacher, counselor,  administrator, or anything in between.


Download the Deliberate Optimism: Reclaiming the Joy in Education handout.

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