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Building Strong Relationships with Preschool Families

Creating Real Partnerships with Preschool Families to Support Academic Success

November 7, 2020

During this session, we will address the benefits of engaging preschool families and the impact of family active participation in academic life as students prepare to enter kindergarten. As a group, we will discuss practical family engagement elements and share strategies to reach each family. All fees and costs associated with this training are covered by RECESS Initiative 1. Learn more and register here.


Online Three D’s in Early Childhood Strategies: Digging Deep, Diving In, and Differentiating for Young Children with Disabilities.
How can we adapt and differentiate uniquely for the youngest learners in our classrooms? Join us for this session as we explore promotion of access to content and contextual learning experiences for little ones with disabilities in inclusive environments. We will consider the principles of differentiation and apply The Three D's to promote learning and engagement. Session and materials costs are partially funded through state or federal grants. Learn more and register here.


Online Early Childhood Special Education Boot Camp
Do you need a refresher or are you new to Early Childhood Special Education? Join us for this four days Boot Camp as we immerse new and veteran teachers alike in the developmentally appropriate practices of early childhood special education. Topics covered will include: an overview of best practices, exploration of the TX PK Guidelines, structuring the classroom environment, embedding IEP through thematic and play-based instruction, effective data collection systems, behavior and social skill support and supporting communication for students with pre-verbal speech. Learn more and register here.


Look Who’s Talking: 7 Evidence-Based Ways to Teach Children with Autism to Communicate
Which intervention approaches are most effective for addressing the communication and social interaction needs of children with autism spectrum disorders? Researchers have made enormous gains in our knowledge of the best ways to intervene, but the lag between research and implementation in the “real world” is estimated to be 20 years! Learn how to match child characteristics to the features of evidence-based interventions to achieve optimal outcomes. Learn more and register here.



Walking Through the Child Outcome Summary Process
Join us for a closer look at the key features of the COS process. Participants will explore and practice how to identify accurate COS ratings, comparing children, current functional performance to age-expected functioning, and how to document ratings and evidence to support those ratings in COS Form. Learn more and register here.





Phonological Awareness Foundations in Prekindergarten
Using the Phonological Awareness Continuum in Prekindergarten to Teach and Assess Skills.

December 5, 2020

Teaching and assessing phonological awareness skills in prekindergarten. During this two-hour session, participants will review the components and progression of the phonological awareness skill sequence, learn some strategies and activities to support students' development, and get examples of strategies to implement authentic assessment to measure student progress and inform instruction. Learn more and register here.



A Multisensory Approach to Pre-K
This active workshop covers implementation best-practices on the new Get Set for School complete Pre-K curriculum. During this two half-day workshop, you will experience how to teach play-based lessons that will build students' readiness, pre-writing, social-emotional, sensory motor, numbers, math, science, social studies, language, and literacy skills through a variety of child-friendly manipulatives, music, movement, and rhymes, as well as digital technology. All costs and fees are covered using grant funds. Learn more and register here.



Online Promoting Social Emotional Competence in Young Children

January 26, 2021
Join us as we explore evidence-based practices for promoting the social emotional competence and school readiness of young children. This Pyramid Model training series is based on the preschool modules developed by The Center for Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning. Topics include; promoting children's success by building relationships and creating supportive environments, social-emotional teaching strategies, individualized intensive interventions, determining the meaning of challenging behavior, developing a behavior support plan. Learn more and register here.



Supporting Teachers of Preschool Children Who are Deafblind
Teachers of preschool children who are deafblind (DB) have very unique teaching responsibilities. Join L. Kathleen. Sheriff, Ed.D. and J. Lindsey Kennon, Ed.D. as we explore ways to support early communication and hands-on learning for these students. Presenters will share the etiologies of DB, standards for teaching, and instructional strategies relevant to this population (e.g. sensory exploration, tactile sign language, etc.). Session and materials costs are partially funded through state or federal grants. Learn more and register here.


Writing, Writing Everywhere!
Emergent Writing PreK and Kindergarten

February 6, 2021

Emergent writing skills are an important part of the Early Childhood Classroom. Research suggests that adult modeling  and guidance on how and when to apply writing skills is critical for future academic success. Participants will discuss the stages of writing development, learn how to embed writing in literacy centers, and incorporate writing in the classroom every day. Modeled Writing, Shared Writing, and bookmaking strategies and techniques will be presented. Bookmaking is a wonderful way to show students the reciprocity of reading and writing and an excellent tool to encourage students to write.  Learn more and register here.



CIRCLE: Preschool Early Language and Literacy Including Mathematics

February 13, 2021
Participate in the Early Language and Literacy training developed by the Children's Learning Institute, University of Texas Medical School in Houston. This training is based on recent scientific research, is interactive and provides hands-on activities which prekindergarten teachers can immediately implement in their classrooms. Training includes the following topics: Best Practices, Social Emotional Development, Phonological Awareness, Written Expression, Language Development, Book Reading, Letter Knowledge, and Mathematics. Learn more and register here.




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