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Reading/Language Arts Preschool and Prekindergarten

Professional development, products, and services are available in the following areas:


- access to the general education curriculum

- coteaching in the early childhood classroom

- early literacy developmentearly literacy development

- inclusion

- informal assessment

- oral language development

- phonological awareness in English and Spanish

- using technology in the classroom, and

- writing



For more information, contact:


JaneAnn Brown
PreK - Grade 2 Specialist


Johanna Guerrero
PreK and Kindergarten Specialist


Carolyn Holliday

RECESS 2 Specialist



Alejandra Sanchez de Tagle
RECESS 1 Specialist

Brenda Vernon



Jacqueline Williams





Prekindergarten Guidelines

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A Treasure Trove of Read Aloud Activities for PK/K - Virtual Training
Reading aloud to children is one of the most important tasks we can do to develop successful readers and writers! It gives them the opportunity to hear fluent reading, to learn comprehension strategies, experience new vocabulary, and to practice phonological awareness and phonics skills in a fun way. Using the same read aloud books to develop early writing skills, is a great way for students to see the connection between reading and writing. In this session, participants will learn how children's literature can be used to develop early literacy skills in reading and writing and have access to activities to enhance the teaching experience in their classrooms. Learn more and register here.
Phonological Awareness (PK-1st), Early Literacy Virtual Training
What is phonological awareness, and why is it important? In this session we will define phonological awareness and identify the skills students must develop in prekindergarten through first grade that serve as a foundation for literacy development. We will explore the phonological awareness continuum and identify developmentally appropriate instructional methods for supporting students in acquiring these skills. Learn more and register here.


RECESS Initiative 1 Grant Workshops

The following set of online workshops are available at no charge for prekindergarten educators, via the RECESS Initiative 1 Grant. For more information about these sessions, contact

Usando evaluaciones auténticas para el desarrollo de habilidades literarias en el salón de pre-kindergarten bilingüe
July 7, 2020

Usar diferentes y auténticos métodos de evaluación en el ocupado salón de prekindergarten puede ser un reto. Acompáñenos en este entrenamiento donde estudiaremos y planearemos diferentes métodos de evaluación de las habilidades literarias tempranas. Esta sesión esta enfocada a las prácticas en el aula bilingüe. La inscripción y costo de este entrenamiento han sido cubiertos por RECESS Initiative 1 Grant. Learn more and register here.


Developing Early Literacy Skills in Prekindergarten - Virtual Training
July 9, 2020

Fostering and encouraging early writing and reading skills, and understanding the developmental stages of each student, is a challenge many early childhood professionals face.During this session, we will focus on the stages of literacy development and will learn some strategies to incorporate developmentally appropriate activities to foster students' natural curiosity. Enrollment fees and materials for this session have been covered with RECESS Grant Initiative 1 funds. Learn more and register here.


Early Literacy Skills Authentic Assessment in the ESL Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
July 21, 2020

Using different assessment approaches to inform and guide instruction could be challenging in the busy pre-kindergarten classroom. Join us for a day of learning and planning of authentic assessment tools to support literacy development in the ESL pre-kindergarten class. Materials and other costs are paid for by the RECESS Initiative 1 Grant. Learn more and register here.



Visit the professional development homepage for a complete listing of offerings.




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