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What Does Region 4 Have to Offer?

Region 4 offers the opportunity for schools to provide students with courses that might not otherwise be available. Through this web-based program, students can take courses for credit or not for credit, depending on their unique needs. Our mission is to offer additional online resources to help meet students' education goals. 



Why Choose Us?


Top 6 Reasons to take Region 4 Online courses:

  1. Opportunity—Take courses that may not be offered at your school and are aligned to Texas graduation endorsement strands.
  2. Credit—Courses are aligned to the TEKS and offer graduation credit.
  3. Flexibility—Work on course content when it is convenient for you.
  4. Engagement—Be part of a community where students work together to create memorable learning experiences.
  5. Technology Skills—Students are exposed to a variety of teaching tools to increase their level of comfort with technology and Internet usage. The tools provide an enhanced learning opportunity and aid in the preparation for college and careers.​
  6. Showcase Student Achievement - Allow an additional path so student achievements can be showcased within the A-F Accountability system. 
E-mail or call 713.744.6819 to learn more.

Current Course Offerings


Computer Science 1A

AP Latin A

AP Statistics A

Languages Other Than English Level I—Chinese A

Languages Other Than English Level IIChinese A

Languages Other Than English Level IChinese B

Languages Other Than English Level IAmerican Sign Language A

Languages Other Than English Level IIAmerican Sign Language A

AP Psychology

AP Macroeconomics

AP US Government and Politics




Main Office
Region 4 Education Service Center
7145 West Tidwell Road Houston, Texas 77092-2096
713.462.7708 | PHONE
Region 4 is making improvements to the McKinney Conference Center and will invite guests to experience the difference in September of 2024.
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