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Math Workshops—Middle/Junior High







Region 4 Mathematics Conference: Cornerstones for Success

Grades 6-8, Algebra 1, Geometry

January 25, 2020

Join other mathematics educators for this one-day conference focused on creating meaningful mathematics experiences and effective learning possibilities for every math student. Attend mini-sessions that provide tools such as classroom-ready activities that bridge concrete, pictorial, and abstract representations of key mathematics concepts, strategies that include all learners, and technology-based activities. REGISTER



Culturally Responsive Mathematics Instruction: Getting Started through Authentic Tasks, Grades 6-8
Are you wondering what it means to be culturally responsive? Are you wondering about how a culturally responsive mindset informs instruction? Engage in authentic, classroom-ready tasks to learn principles for creating culturally responsive tasks. While engaging in these tasks, you will practice creating criteria for demonstrating understanding, identifying needed scaffolds, and applying rubrics to analyze evidence of student understanding. REGISTER

Practice for Long-Term Mathematics Learning: Solving Equations and Inequalities, Grade 6-Algebra I

February 6, 2020
What do students need to know and show in order to master the identified content? What is the role of practice in concept building and skill development? How does balancing concepts and skills support memory and retention? What factors about concept and skill building need to be considered when planning Tier I intervention? Come and explore ways to approach student learning as a balance of understanding concepts and related skills that build mastery of key grade level mathematics. REGISTER



Focus On Data Analysis, Grades 6-8

February 19, 2020
Explore the use of models and instructional methods to develop students’ understanding of representations of data and their role in solving problems. Participate in activities incorporating research-based approaches that build and deepen knowledge of identified learning targets, including supports for diverse learners. REGISTER


Math that Sticks: Building Academic Language through Routines, Grades 6-12
Explore ways to help students build content knowledge and acquire academic language in the mathematics classroom. Experience and practice selected mathematical language routines developed by Understanding Language/SCALE at Stanford University. Embedded practice and immediate feedback will prepare participants for seamless implementation of the routines into current instructional plans. REGISTER


MARCH 2020
Mathematics STAAR® Review: Tips, Tools, and Protocols for Student Success
What can a review process look like that prepares all students for success on STAAR®? Experience interactive activities and protocols that are designed to help students strengthen metacognitive skills, solidify understanding of Readiness Standards, and develop mathematical identities. Explore effective tools and review strategies to increase the performance of students on the Mathematics STAAR® assessments.




















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