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Math Workshops—Elementary





















Math that Sticks: Building Academic Language through Routines

March 25, 2020 - This event will be rescheduled.

Explore ways to help students build content knowledge and acquire academic language in the mathematics classroom. Experience and practice selected mathematical language routines developed by Understanding Language/SCALE at Stanford University. Embedded practice and immediate feedback will prepare participants for seamless implementation of the routines into current instructional plans. 



Mathematics STAAR® Review: Tips, Tools, and Protocols for Student Success

These events will be rescheduled.

What can a review process look like that prepares all students for success on STAAR®? Experience interactive activities and protocols that are designed to help students strengthen metacognitive skills and build their mathematical identities. Explore effective tools and instructional strategies to increase the performance of students on the Mathematics STAAR® assessments.

  • Grade 3 — March 26, 2020
  • Grade 4 — March 31, 2020

Math for All! Designing Inclusive Mathematics Learning Environments - Whole Number Addition and Subtraction, Kindergarten - Grade 3

June 26, 2020

Through hands-on activities aligned to Kindergarten - Grade 3 mathematics standards, participants will explore how cognitive processes, associated with disabilities including dyslexia and related disorders, impact the learning of whole number addition and subtraction. In this session, participants will build knowledge and understanding of how to utilize the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework to proactively identify and address instructional and environmental barriers. Participants will learn how to design instructional supports, including assistive technology, to accommodate the impact of the disability in order to improve student achievement in mathematics. This session was developed by the Inclusion in Texas Network in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency. REGISTER





















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