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Literacy and Language Workshops

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Science of Teaching Reading (STR) Speaker Series

From Research to Implementation


We have the research. Now what? 


Join us for a speaker series in which we will explore research-based instructional practices in the different components of literacy instruction. Experts in the literacy field will share ideas and resources on how to implement the Science of Teaching Reading in pre-K through 12th-grade classrooms.


Participants can register to attend live virtual sessions and have the option to access the recorded presentations through a Canvas course for one month. Registration fee is $75 per session.


Learn more and register for the individual sessions here.





Exploring the Revised Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines 2022

The Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines 2015 have been revised by educators across Texas and the Texas Education Agency. Together, they looked at scientific research for child development to update information and align the revised Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines 2023 to the Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (TEKS) for K-12. The guidelines define ten domains of early childhood development and provide behaviors and skills in each domain that children should exhibit by the end of prekindergarten. In this session, we will explore the revised guidelines and examine the skills for both PK3s and PK4s. Participants will discuss the learning domains and the expected rigor of skills, as well as receive instructional strategies to support student success.



Developing Critical Reading Skills to Support STAAR Success in 3rd through 5th Grade

October 12, 2023
The new items on STAAR require students to answer and respond to text-dependent questions. Learn the four cognitive pathways needed to critically understand a piece of text, and how to organize lessons that support deeper comprehension. See how this instruction promotes student success on the new STAAR through engaging in authentic daily reading instruction. Learn more and register here.



Using the Science of Teaching Reading in Small Group

October 24, 2023

Build your student's ability to process increasingly challenging texts with fluency and understanding. This training will cover using data to form small groups and to identify the instructional focus for each group. We will focus on a small group framework, identify how to address each of the components of reading with the framework to meet students' needs, and plan using a lesson planning template. Learn more and register here.



Evidence-Based Writing to Support STAAR in 3rd-8th Grade

November 15, 2023
Learn how to support your students to develop effective evidence-based to meet the requirements of the new STAAR redesign. Learn more and register here.




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