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English Learners

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The Emergent Literacy Take Home Kits provide students with the resources needed for alphabet activities at home. Students can use these materials as part of synchronous or asynchronous instruction, or to practice early literacy skills with parents or guardians. 

Each kit includes 1 – Double-sided Uppercase Alphabet Arc; 1 set – Uppercase Plastic Letters; 1 – Double-sided Lowercase ; Alphabet Arc; 1 set – Lowercase Plastic Letters; 1 – Student Sort Mat/T-Chart; and 1 – Alphabet Chart.  ORDER ONLINE



English Alphabet Posters and Charts SetALPHABET POSTER AND CHARTS SET, SPANISH
Tool for supporting letter names and sounds.

This resource serves as a tool for teaching letter names and sounds to support students on their journey in becoming successful readers and writers. This set can be used for whole-group, small-group, and individual literacy instruction. $30 each. ORDER ONLINE





Connecting parents to the classroom through reading.
A collection of consumable books for emergent readers who are English learners receiving English or Spanish literacy instruction. The books contain simple sentence structures, ample picture support, and high-frequency words to promote strategic reading and to strengthen the home literacy environment. The collection can be used in a variety of other ways in the classroom. $100 per set.  ORDER ONLINE




Display and review the words necessary for reading and writing.

Create interactive word walls that support reading and writing skills. Materials include alphabet picture cards, an instructional booklet, and high-frequency word cards. The instructional booklet provides ideas for setting up a word wall and creating nteractive learning opportunities to support reading and writing skills.$25  ORDER ONLINE




Tools to deepen emergent readers’ letter knowledge.
This supplemental resource can be used for teaching letter knowledge in small groups. This kit is appropriate for use with emergent readers of any age who need additional support in letter identification, letter-sound correspondences and letter formation. Available in English and Spanish. $100 per version.   



Letter Sets for Small Group Instruction (Uppercase Spanish)LETTER SETS FOR SMALL GROUP INSTRUCTION
These sets come with enough material for 7 students. They include: the two-sided, color mat of the alphabet with rainbow space for moving or writing letter, 7 sets of plastic letters, and an activity guide. The materials are available in English and Spanish, upper and lowercase.



Accelerated Spanish Reading Curriculum for Struggling Second GradersACCELERATED SPANISH READING CURRICULUM FOR STRUGGLING SECOND GRADERS
This kit includes a six-week curriculum designed to accelerate the learning of students who are struggling with their reading in Spanish. Current research in Spanish intervention and recently released Spanish language updates were used to develop each component of this curriculum, which includes teacher-ready lessons, student books, and intervention activities. ORDER ONLINE  |   Download Sample





Accelerated Curriculum for Struggling Readers Spanish provides a comprehensive instructional program to accelerate the learning of students who are at-risk of failure or who need additional literacy support. Research confirms a significant boost in student performance after receiving instruction using this program. Attention to specific instructional components effectively transitions struggling readers to actively-engaged students who can read and comprehend text independently, promoting word-recognition strategies, vocabulary development, and reading fluency.  


Each Teacher Edition kit includes Teacher-ready lessons; Fluency measures; Selected-response assessments; High-interest chapter books for small-group instruction; and Interactive dialog cards that engage specific cognitive processes.   ORDER ONLINE



TEKS at a glance: Time-saving Texas curriculum tool.
These foldable charts contain the complete 2019–2020 ELA/R for K–8 and SLA/R TEKS for K–6 and English Learner Language Arts (ELLA) for Grades 7–8 (implemented 2019–2020). Choose from K–2, Grades 3–5, Grades 6–8 or Grade 6/ELLA Grades 7–8 charts. Each chart is hole punched to fit into a three-ring binder. Sold in sets of 10.  ORDER ONLINE




Development of metacognitive strategies for future reading success.

Thinking Pads are designed to support teachers in scaffolding their students' reading comprehension. The instructional routines are designed to encourage student engagement in whole-and-small-group settings with a kit that includes 8 different functional graphic organizers that frame student-to-text interactions. 
$150 per version.  ORDER ONLINE 



407-1880-front-cover-webCLOSING THE DISTANCE
A review that actually reviews!

Looking for an intervention resource that has more substance than a collection of practice problems? Looking to have your students talk about the mathematics they know and that they need to remember? This resource is for you! Each of the ten 5E sequences of activities is designed to get your students thinking and talking while self-assessing and reflecting on their understanding. Each 5E sequence includes a pre-assessment and small-group intervention frameworks so that you and your students can gauge what mathematics needs a refresh. 
Available in Spanish for Grade 5, with grades 3 and 4 coming soon. $75 per grade level.  ORDER ONLINE      Download sample

MATHEMATICS STAAR® WORKSTATIONS407-1948d-math-staar-work-stations-vol-1-gr-4-cov
A short playlist of activities to complement your workstations library.
Used and reused your workstations library of activities? With each volume, you can add 8 sets of workstation activities to your library. Each volume is its own review playlist of mathematics TEKS that continue to present learning challenges. Each set of workstation activities includes a content review, a literacy component, and a sample test item at the rigor of STAAR. Each workstation fits within a file folder and is designed so students can check their own work to monitor their understanding.

Available in Spanish for Grades 3-5. $35 per volume and grade level. 


407-1808-engaging-math-grade-3-front-cover-webENGAGING MATHEMATICS, VOLUME II

Warming up, working collaboratively, supporting retention, or formatively assessing - your choice!
An excellent fit for any phase of your lesson! Over 90 engaging activities offer students opportunities to show the mathematics that they know and understand. While they work, you can listen to learn what they know, what they are still learning, and what academic language they use with ease. 
Available in Spanish for Grades 2-5. $75 per grade level. 



sml-460-1827-wuts-grade-8-front-coverWARM UP TO SCIENCE: TEKS-BASED ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES
A formative assessment item for every student expectation, and then some.

The perfect fit for any lesson, these warm-ups can be used at the beginning, middle, or end of a lesson to check for understanding. Warm Up to Science saves you time, allowing you to focus on understanding what your students know. Pique their interest, cause them ask to why, and make them want to learn more! Discover what they know, listen for misconceptions, and informally assess their levels of knowledge all on the sly. Your students won’t even realize they’re working! 
$75 per grade level.  Available for grades 3–5.  ORDER ONLINE  |  Download Sample



A set of student-centered, engaging review activities. Just Say “Yes” to Riveting, Rigorous Review! 
This is STAAR review in a nutshell—or in this case, a folder.

Stop using released items as content review. Saying “Yes!” means students will race to review because these activities involve engaging brain exercise, deep dive discussion, and hands-on hustle as students work to fine-tune their knowledge and show off what they have learned. Each folder activity includes content review, a literacy piece, and a sample test item at the rigor of STAAR. Folders are designed so students can check their own work to monitor their learning.


Available in Spanish for Grade 5. $75 per volume. ORDER ONLINE  |   Download sample



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