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Welcome to the Region 4 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Mathematics) Lending Library


The Region 4 STEAM Lending Library equips our Region 4 teachers with classroom kits of ready-to-use, hands-on resources for teaching engaging lessons in STEM. The Lending Library will provide access and professional development for STEM tools or technology. This will allow teachers and district leaders an opportunity to create learning experiences using STEM tools on a trial/test basis. Providing hands-on-teaching in a “pilot” environment makes sense as you apply academic content and explore creativity with the tools as you evaluate possible purchases for your classroom.






  • Share STEM experience with our communities and support campuses, teachers and students in the areas of STEM, computational thinking and problem based learning.
  • Provide professional development that support STEM learning in the areas of coding, robotics, computational thinking and engineering design.


How does it work?


 Are you looking for ideas or piece of technology to use in your STEM learning experience? Check it out!  The lending library serves as a place to locate, check out, and explore the learning in your classroom.



Step 1

Reserve a kit

Each enrolled teacher at our partner schools is eligible to reserve one of our STEAM kits each month, based on availability.

Contact lisa.mcmillan@esc4.net 

for more information.


Step 2

Attend PD


  • virtual,
  • self-paced, or
  • face-to-face


Step 3

Use the kit in your classroom

Over the course of the loan period, make good use of the kit!


Remember to send photos and stories of how your students used their STEAM supplies to



Step 4

Return kit to Region 4

Return the STEAM kit and reserve another one—we're always adding more resources to our growing library.





What’s New in the Lending Library?


Bee-bot Educational Robot

Photon Educational Robot


UBTech UKit Robotics




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