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Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL)


Alyson Schafer

Coordinator of Instructional Leadership

Accountability and Leadership Solutions




The websites listed below provide additional                                                    information about TIL.


An Introduction to Texas Instructional Leadership

Texas Instructional Leadership – State Website

Texas Instructional Leadership is in its third year in Region 4.  Through Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL), we provide training and support to campus and district leaders to help build the capacity of the educators who they manage.  Campus leadership teams, along with their principal supervisor, attend three to five cycles of face-to-face training on key instructional leadership levers.  In between the face-to-face trainings, Region 4 provides in-person support to district leaders as they implement their learnings in order to improve student achievement.
TIL at Region 4 is approved by TEA as a Vetted School Improvement Program.
Training Topics
Data-Driven Instruction
This training will equip administrators with the skills and tools necessary to facilitate and coach data meetings. Topics covered in this training include: breaking down the knowledge and skills required to master the TEKS, analyzing student work samples, and supporting teachers in making and executing reteach plans to quickly and effectively close learning gaps.
Action Coaching
This training guides administrators in developing strong systems and routines for regular support of teachers through short-cycle observation and feedback.  It provides a strong framework for developing teacher skill in feedback meetings, as well as tools that enable consistent follow-through.
Student Culture Routines
Administrators will learn to create student culture routines in order to establish a positive student culture.  They will also learn how to create monitoring systems to ensure a consistent and supportive learning environment for all.
Lesson Planning and Formative Assessment
Administrators will learn how to coach teachers to develop strong lesson plans informed by data.  This training provides a process for ensuring lesson plans are aligned, rigorous, and data-driven.  Administrators will also learn how to establish systems to support and monitor lesson planning.
Upcoming Trainings
We are currently recruiting districts who are interested in joining Texas Instructional Leadership at Region 4 for the 2020-2021 school year.  District leaders who are interested in learning more about TIL should contact Alyson Schafer, Coordinator of Instructional Leadership, at
7145 West Tidwell Road | Houston, Texas 77092-2096 | 713.462.7708
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