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Dwayne Reed


After seeing viral success with the release of his educational music video, "Welcome to the 4th Grade," and appearing on Good Morning America, CNN, and MTV's TRL, Reed has been on a mission to convince the world that relationships mean everything in education and that every child, deserves a fair chance at a quality education. Mr. Reed spends his free time writing educational songs, playing basketball, and 'chillin' in his neighborhood,' on the Westside of Chicago.


General Session: The Educator Your Scholars Need

Breakout Session:  Relationships 101







Dr. Stephen Peters

Dr. Peters is President/CEO of The Peters Group, a National and International Education Consulting Agency and Consultant, with Initiative One Leadership Institute. Stephen delivers keynote addresses, provides professional development workshops for leaders, teachers, staff, students, and parents, and serves as executive coach to superintendents and principals throughout the U.S.


General Session: Teaching to Capture and Inspire all Learners

Breakout Session: Courageous Leadership






Horacio Sanchez

Horacio Sanchez is a highly sought-after speaker and educational consultant, helping schools learn to apply neuroscience to improve educational outcomes. He presents on diverse topics such as overcoming the impact of poverty, improving school climate, engaging in brain-based instruction, and addressing issues related to implicit bias. He is recognized as one of the nation’s leading authorities on resiliency and applied brain science.


General Session: Promoting Student Success

Breakout Session: Designing School Climates that Maximize Student Achievement







Kayla Delzer Dornfeld

Kayla Dornfeld is the 2020 Top Educator of the Year, and the 2019 North Dakota Teacher of the Year. Kayla is a two-time (2017 and 2018) Global Hundred honoree, recognizing her as 1 of the top 100 innovative educators in the world. The New York Times named her "one of the tech-savviest teachers in the United States".


General Session: Reimagining Education: Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders

Breakout Session: Self-care for Educators








Mike Woodlock

Mike Woodlock is an innovative administrator, consultant, and graduate instructor who embraces change. Woodlock is an acting Assistant Superintendent in Tyngsborough, MA, a former principal, and has 25+ years of experience in education. Woodlock has the unique experience of being hired as a high school principal in a district where he was immediately tasked with implementing a strategic plan that required a complete transformation of the education system through the lens of UDL.


Concurrent Session 1: Zooming In and Out to Embrace MTSS

Concurrent Session 2: UDL Playbook: Leading UDL Implementation





Leslie Fisher

Leslie Fisher specializes in K–12 Educational Technology conferences, event presentation services, and on-site and online professional development.


Concurrent Session 1: Tools You Can Use Tomorrow

Concurrent Session 2: Accessibility and AI 












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