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Statement of Purpose

Over the last 20 years, rapid transit has changed the way Houstonians commute. Mass transit can ease congestion, reduce pollution, and move people. The bus shelter (or bus stop) is one of the first places that a patron will interact with the system. It is the start of a patron’s experience with METRO.




Houston METRO (MTA) has requested a proposal for a new bus shelter that will be installed near your high school. This shelter is to be installed in
the year 2030. They are looking for new ideas that will help increase ridership. The Chief Innovation Officer is seeking forward-thinking, innovative ideas, to help shape the bus shelter of the future. Innovation is part of Metro’s mission, and they want their bus stops to be included in their new initiatives.



The Chief Innovation Officer is looking for forward-thinking, creative concepts to help shape the bus shelter of the future. Innovation is a part of Metro's mission, and they want their bus stops to be included in their new initiatives.

Competition Phases

District: The first phase will be judged by the local LEA in their own district

Regional: The Region 4 Innovation Challenge Committee will choose qualifying final projects who will then be invited to present at Region 4. If a team cannot attend the “pitch” in person, they will be allowed to present virtually.



  • 5-minute setup time
  • 5 to 10 minutes to present
  • 5 minutes for Q&A


Acceptable Products

  • Presenting your best work is vital as the committee judges your submission based on the rubric. Therefore, be mindful of your spelling and grammar in order to score the highest in every category.
  • In their search for the best project, judges take the following factors into account.
    • Research supporting your proposal may include a 1–3-page written research report supporting your proposal through surveys and research. Support your project through convincing words that will move the judges to say, “This is the one.” “Sell” them on your team’s project.
    • The proposed Budget should be based on research to the best of your ability. This budget should include potential labor rates, work hours, and a bill of materials (BOM) that describes the materials to be used to build the connectivity center.
    • Acceptable Artifacts include visuals that will help the judges determine the best aesthetic design. Keep in mind that you will be presenting a product that may be used as a prototype. The following items would be acceptable:
      • Digital media in the form of graphics and video
      • Drawings
      • Websites
      • Physical models
      • Blueprint-design binders
      • Virtual environments
      • Animations and simulations (e.g., SketchUp®, Tinkercad®, Minecraft®, 3-D animations)
      • 3-D printed models
      • Poster boards
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