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Are you interested in ensuring you have a solid framework that helps educators identify the needs of the whole child? Join us for a variety of sessions in exploring components of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) in providing differentiated support to meet students’ academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs. 



4(1) Class wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (CWPBIS) is a proactive approach to establish a positive classroom culture and prevent behavior problems. It involves teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors, setting clear expectations, and providing support when needed.


Power Hour Training Series

Don’t have a lot of time for professional development? Then join the Inclusive Practices Team for this dynamic and concentrated training format designed for efficient and impactful learning in Inclusive Practices. Participants engage in targeted learning activities, discussions, and skill-building exercises, all geared toward enhancing their professional growth to support students with disabilities in inclusive settings.


5(1) Join education professionals for this exciting annual conference as we explore evidenced-based practices for creating effective learning environments for all learners. The Inclusive Practices Conference (IPC) provides expertise and networking supports to help students access academic content and achieve rigorous state assessment standards, as well as providing expertise and networking supports in areas such as navigating federal and state accountability systems, creating 21st-century digital learning environments, increasing student engagement, supporting post-secondary transition, and implementing effective inclusive practices. 






Join the National Presenter Series for Inclusive Practices to learn from leading experts about innovative educational strategies for all learners, including those with disabilities. This series supports Texas Teacher Standards and TTESS Domains. Don't miss this enriching opportunity!


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Jeff Horwitz 


March 1, 2024
Session ID: 1804664

Making the Shift to Student-Led Learning
Learn how Universal Design for Learning and blended learning can help teachers shift to a more student-centered and directed learning environment.

Jeff Horwitz, a 20-year educator and administrator, champions high-quality, personalized 21st-century education, emphasizing empathy, collaboration, and technology integration for student success.





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