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Reading by Design

Systematic, Explicit, and Intensive Reading Intervention Program


Dyslexia Intervention Fundamentals with Reading by Design (5 days)

Learn the fundamentals of dyslexia intervention through a review of Texas dyslexia laws and current research, as well as best practices in dyslexia instruction. Delve into evidence-based components of instruction and explore continuums for developing reading ability in students with dyslexia. Learn how to deliver daily intervention using Reading by Design, a systematic, explicit, and intensive reading intervention program. Participants will receive the entire Reading by Design program with supplemental resources necessary for small-group instruction.


Reading by Design Bridge Training (2 days)

This training program is exclusively for participants who have been previously trained in the Region 4 Dyslexia Intervention Program. Participants must send an e-mail to with a request to register for this session as well as a scanned copy of the certificate of attendance for the Dyslexia Program Basics training that clearly shows the dates of attendance. Approved participants will be enrolled in the
session and notified of their registration status.


Participants will review best practices in dyslexia intervention, as learned in the Dyslexia Intervention Program training, and bridge this knowledge to the Reading by Design program. Participants will also explore the new material in Reading by Design and take a deeper dive into enhanced program components. Reading by Design is currently in production and is due to be released in the winter. Participants must complete the 5-day training to receive the materials.


For more information, e-mail or call 713.744.4457.





The NEW Reading by Design Reading Rules Small Poster Set can be used as a visual reference of the letter name, keyword, and sound represented by the letter or letters on the Reading Deck cards. The posters are divided into sections: consonants, vowels (open and closed), consonant combinations, vowel-consonant-e, vowel pairs, vowel-r, final stable syllable, and special situations. This supplemental resource is used in conjunction with the Reading Deck cards in the Reading by Design intervention program.  This resource is a smaller version of the Reading by Design Reading Rules Posters.





Reading by Design: An Individualized Literacy Intervention—NEW

These supplemental resources can only be used with the Reading by Design program.
These resources cannot be used with the Dyslexia Intervention Program.



Resources available:

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