Dyslexia Contacts

Jan Cook

Coordinator of Dyslexia


I have been in education since 1989 as a teacher, interventionist, Reading Specialist, and Program Coordinator. Prior to working for Region 4 ESC, I was a Program  Coordinator for Reading Intervention in a district. In this capacity, I coordinated the Dyslexia program and Response to Intervention for K-12th grades. I have worked with students with dyslexia and other struggling readers at all levels (K-12). I am passionate about the topic of dyslexia and how to help our students with dyslexia reach their fullest potential. E-mail


Mary Yarus

Education Specialist


My career in education began in 2001 as a dyslexia specialist, then later as a dyslexia therapist. Beginning in 2008, I worked in family support and adult literacy at a nonprofit professional learning center. In this capacity, I provided information and programs for parents, taught adult literacy students, and coordinated the adult literacy program for students 18-80. Teaching reading is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I love the “Aha!” moment when the letters and sounds form words and begin to make sense to the struggling reader. E-mail



Sharon Garcia

Education Specialist


During my 19+ years in education I have taught in self-contained Pre-K/PPCD inclusion, Kinder, and second-grade settings. Additionally, I was privileged to provide tier 3 literacy intervention as well as dyslexia intervention for grades K-5th. Continuing my passion in elementary and early childhood education as a Region IV Elementary Education Specialist, I enjoy building educator capacity in the areas of elementary ed and dyslexia intervention delivery. Through professional development design and delivery, professional coaching services, as well as technical assistance, I support professional educators in and out of our regional area. E-mail



JaneAnn Brown

Education Specialist


I started my career in 1982 as a bilingual teacher. I spent 30 years in the classroom serving Pre-kindergarten through Second Grade bilingual students. I was honored to serve for six years as a Program Coordinator for Reading Intervention working with students in grades K-12 who struggled with reading and writing and their teachers. Throughout my career, I have been privileged to serve students, teachers, and parents in the areas of Bilingual Education and Dyslexia. It is an honor to continue working with stakeholders as a Region 4 Education Specialist. E-mail



Wanda Davis

Education Specialist


I have had the honor to serve in public education for 30 years, both in New York State and most recently in Texas. I have been extremely privileged to have worked with students and teachers in a variety of K–12 settings including as a classroom teacher, new teacher mentor, literacy specialist, writing coach, campus dyslexia interventionist, and district dyslexia specialist. During part of this time, I served as a research fellow and created structures within my classroom around the idea of developing communities of learners and student-led conferencing. The last 5 years have been spent invested in learning, teaching, and coaching through all aspects of dyslexia within both 504 and special education domains. It is truly my greatest honor and privilege to help students and educators grow into their gifts and abilities. Learning to read opens so many doors—I can’t imagine anything more rewarding! E-mail



Natalie Pruitt

Education Specialist


My educational journey, evolving from my early years as a Special Education Teacher to my leadership roles, reflects a commitment to implementing and overseeing impactful programs. With a robust educational background and a steadfast dedication to professional development, my mission is to create a positive and lasting impact on students, educators, and the broader educational community. Specifically, my career goals are centered on elevating reading services through evidence-based practices, and striving for continuous improvement in educational outcomes. E-mail



Katherine Waindel

Education Specialist


I have proudly served as a Texas educator since 1998 as a teacher and literacy specialist. I have advocated for students struggling with reading and writing as an instructional leader. I supported and assisted teachers and administrators to embrace evidence-based literacy instruction through instructional coaching and professional development. The early identification of students with dyslexia has been my guiding force which has led me to Region 4. My goal is to empower educators about dyslexia and how to navigate the challenges students and providers face to help them find success. E-mail

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