District Systemic Support Workshops

The District System Support Department offers face-to-face, virtual, and on demand workshops in the following areas:

Strategic Planning and Performance Management

Attend the 3-session Managing and Maximizing Performance and Strategic Planning series as a district or campus leadership team to:

  • Understand why streamlined systems for monitoring program performance, engaging stakeholders in feedback, and collecting data to measure the impact of a program are critical.
  • Unpack the key elements of performance management and analyze current processes with a framework built around a sound theory of action.
  • Leave with an action plan to begin your district or campus change management process.

April 9, 2024

Monitoring, Supporting and Adjusting (Virtual)

Session ID: 1783840


Effective Schools Framework

The Effective Schools Framework (ESF) identifies “what districts and schools across the state of Texas do to ensure an excellent education for all Texas students.” Join us to learn more about the ESF and how it can support improvement at any campus. Sessions include multiple exemplars from Texas schools and time for district and campus leaders to translate what they learn to meet their needs.

Effective Leadership: An Introduction to Lever 2 - Strategize Your Staffing!

(Essential Action 2.1)

May 7, 2024: Session ID: 1796860

Effective Leadership: Scheduling and Protecting Time for District and Campus Priorities

(Essential Action 1.1)

June 17, 2024: Session ID: 1796974
July 18, 2024: Session ID: 1796979

School Improvement and Systemic Planning

The sessions below focus on specific aspects of TEA's School Improvement requirements and the highest impact practices that benefit any improvement plan. They do not replace the TEA-required full-day ESF Overview and Targeted Improvement Plan trainings for leaders of Comprehensive Support campuses.

Crafting Effective Goals for Campus Plans (On-Demand)

Session ID: 1708360


Make It Measurable: Creating Effective Tracking Tools to Support Continuous Improvement

June 13, 2024: Session ID: 1797111

August 6, 2024: Session ID: 1797112

August 8, 2024: Session ID: 1797114

Systemic Planning: Writing Effective Annual and 90-Day Outcomes

May 9, 2024: Session ID: 1796863

June 11, 2024: Session ID: 1796866

July 23, 2024: Session ID: 1797521

July 25, 2024: Session ID: 1797523

Instructional Leadership

The sessions below equip district and campus leaders to build capacity in their teachers and support them as they implement new practices. 

Giving Immediate Feedback to Students Through Academic Monitoring

April 12, 2024: Session ID: 1796695


Leading Schoolwide Data-Driven Instruction: Collecting and Analyzing Student Work

June 24, 2024: Session ID: 1796948
July 22, 2024: Session ID: 1796949

Leading Schoolwide Data-Driven Instruction: Planning and Practicing the Reteach

June 26, 2024: Session ID: 1796945
July 29, 2024: Session ID: 1796946

Leadership Coaching: Elevate Your Instructional Leadership Team

April 30, 2024: Session ID: 1798073

May 8, 2024: Session ID: 1798075


Monitoring the Quality of Assigned Teacher Action Steps

June 21, 2024: Session ID: 1796703
July 19, 2024: Session ID: 1796705

Promoting a Strong School Culture through Restorative Practices

May 24, 2024: Session ID: 1796714
July 19, 2024: Session ID: 1796716

Put It on the Calendar: Supporting Effective Instruction through Training and Ongoing Job-Embedded Professional Development

April 16, 2024: Session ID: 1796518
Systems for Creating a Strong Schoolwide Culture
May 24, 2024: Session ID: 1796721
June 21, 2024: Session ID: 1796723

Writing the Exemplar & Success Criteria: Preparing Teachers to Effectively Monitor Student Work

April 12, 2024: Session ID: 1796730

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