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Digital Learning Events



Enhance Classroom Instruction with the Power of Digital Learning!
Explore innovative workshops, conferences, and special events on a variety of digital learning topics designed to enhance your  classroom in a traditional or virtual environment. For more information about these professional learning opportunities, e-mail



For more information, you can also check out our professional development catalog here.   


Upcoming Training Opportunities


The 2023 STEAM Academy Conference!

Region 4’s 2023 STEAM Academy Conference will be held on Thursday, June 15, 2023. Our goal is to provide an exceptional hands-on and interactive STEAM-focused professional learning experience for all attendees. This event aligns with the Texas Education Agency’s STEM education efforts and goals: 
  • Ensure equitable access to STEM programming across Texas. 
  • Increase student outcomes and help guide students into relevant and engaging pathways that prepare students for future learning. 
  • Vertically align efforts to allow earlier exposure to STEM-integrated thinking.  





This course provides teachers with the foundational support needed to successfully use Python to  introduce coding in the classroom.
March 30, 2023  |  4:00 p.m.–5:00 pm  |  Session ID: 1752295
Registration Fee: $35




In this session, we will explore creative ways to enhance your teaching and learning materials to elevate your students' experiences. We'll show you digital video and design techniques that will help improve student learning. It's time to pick up that device, arm yourself with Creative Cloud® Express, and create!
June 20, 2023 |  4:15 p.m.–5:15 p.m. |  Session ID: 1728817
Registration Fee: $35.00





Ongoing Training Opportunities


In this course, we'll provide you with a professional learning experience that will equip you with digital tools and strategies for blended learning instruction that is student-centered, engaging, and fueled by curriculum goals. Our purpose is to help you create an awesome learning experience for ALL students in both face to face and virtual classroom environments.
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1755395   |  Registration Fee: $25.00


Learn the technical challenges faced by people with disabilities, and the purpose and goal of designing accessible sites for all learners. We’ll share best practices for integrating media, as well as tips for designing your course with mobile users in mind!
Self-Paced  | Session ID: 1708751  |  Registration Fee: $25.00
This course will provide teachers with the foundational support needed to successfully utilize the Schoology platform to support teaching and instruction, collaboration, and communication. While this course will be facilitated in Canvas, you can follow along in your Schoology course

Self-Paced | Session ID: 1708741   |  Registration Fee: $25.00
In this course, you will learn about Seesaw, a student driven digital portfolio tool that captures learning, sparks reflection, and promotes engagement. To experience this course fully, you will need a mobile device/computer with the Seesaw app installed. Before we get started, we will walk through the process of downloading the Seesaw app and creating an account.
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1708737  |  Registration Fee: $25.00
Canvas Course Checklist with Region 4 
Whether you're new to Canvas or looking for ways to improve your current course, check out Region 4's  list of "must have's"! The modules in this self-paced course will help you learn best practices for organizing and delivering content, integrating your favorite apps, and maximizing Canvas' data reporting tools to get a snapshot of where each of your students are! 
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1708744  |  Registration Fee: $25.00
Today's students are bombarded with opinions from every direction. You only need to look at the phenomenal rise of "social media influencers." Everyone has an opinion about everything, and there is always an audience! In this session, you'll see how easy it is to bring this trend into your classroom, while helping students create their own podcasts regarding your classroom topics!
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1688930   |  Registration Fee: $25.00
Bring the power of teacher-created videos into your classroom to engage your students and allow for more flexible delivery! In this session we'll survey several free or "freemium" platforms that can be used to create screencasts. In addition to best practices, we'll discuss the features of each and how it can meet your needs. Platforms covered at Canvas Studio, Microsoft PowerPoint, Zoom, Screencast-o-matic, Flipgrid, Screencastify, Loom, Prezi Video, and Zoom. * Tools are subject to change and may not be included in every session.*
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1688956  |  Registration Fee: $25.00
In this course, you will learn the essentials of copyright and fair use guidelines for using content and resources in the K–12 classroom. Open educational resources and public domain also will be covered.
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1729007 | Registration Fee: $25.00 
With Adobe Express, your curriculum meets creativity! Students can create easy, custom, graphics such as flyers, posters, videos, infographics, and more. In this course you’ll be introduced to the platform and as well as design a simple “About me” graphic. Create your free account at
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1727832 | Registration Fee: $25.00 



Blended Learning Roadmapping (Online) Packing for The Journey [Self-Paced Course]



Strengthen blended learning knowledge by engaging in an in-depth exploration of the instructional strategy from beginning to end. Through this journey participants will strengthen and develop skills to support their utilization of blended learning in any classroom or content area.








NEW! Blended Learning Roadmapping Series
Region 4's "Blended Learning Roadmapping" series of flexible and customizable courses provides support designed to assist campuses/districts in implementing the blended learning instructional methodology.
In this illuminating series, attendees will learn the basics of blended learning (or get a refresher), be equipped with research based digital strategies, strengthen their use of digital resources/tools, learn about copyright and fair use, and learn to navigate the blended learning environment like a pro.
Because sessions are customizable, we are able to support you whether you are just beginning the blended learning journey, have successfully implemented the methodolgy, or you are anywhere in between!
Sessions Include:
  • Foundations of Blended Learning for Administrators
  • The Administrator's Guide to Assessing The Blended Learning Classroom (Traditional or Remote)
  • Shifting Gears: Virtual Blended Learning
  • What is Blended Learning?
  • Blended Learning Best Practices in the K12 Classroom
  • Let's Get Ready to Blend-Setting Up a Blended Learning Environment
  • Managing The Blended Learning Classroom
  • Is It Working? Assessing the Blended Learning Classroom
  • Blended Learning Strategies for Student Engagement and Learning
  • Digital Tools and OER for the Blended Learning Classroom
  • Copyright, Fair Use, and OER for the K12 Classroom
  • Fostering Blended Learning in a Remote Setting


Interested in Learning More? 
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