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  • The blended learning mini conference was great! I appreciate the learning centered around AI
  • I am so inspired by the keynote speaker at DLS 2024. I can't wait to share what I have learned with my campus!
  • I attended ITLA for the first time, and it was an absolute blast! I learned about some pretty cool resources and even earned some new certifications!


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Explore innovative workshops, conferences, and special events on a variety of digital learning topics designed to enhance your classroom in a traditional or virtual environment. For more information about these professional learning opportunities, e-mail



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Special Events


Instructional Technology Leadership Academy

October 16, 2024 | 8:00 AM–2:00 PM | CPE: 5 | Price: $90

Location: Region 4 McKinney Conference Center


Teachers, instructional technologists, and library media specialists—this session is for you! Get ready to discuss all things Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the classroom and at the district level! Get hands-on with AI tools that are changing the way we work through a variety of engaging breakout sessions! If you would like to share a tool that’s been a game changer for you, apply to be a presenter at


Digital Learning Conference

January 23, 2025 | 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM | CPE: 6 | Price: $135

Location: Region 4 McKinney Conference Center

Get your instructional technology toolkit filled with breakout sessions centered on online/blended learning; library media services; leadership; special populations (ELs, G/T, and special education); STEAM/STEM/CTE; and social-emotional learning. Interested in presenting, click here! Want to sponsor, click here !


AI for Educators

Audience: School & District Leadersai-for-educators-flyer
Format: Virtual or In-Person
Artificial Intelligence has quickly become a “hot topic” in the K–12 education world! Join us as we talk about what AI is, share the big ideas connected to AI, review instructional considerations, and highlight ideas for integrating AI into instruction.
For more information contact us at
On-Demand Courses
Learn at your own pace! Choose from our two Instructional Pathways!
AI for School Leaders
AI for Teachers



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Monthly Virtual Sessions

In collaboration with the Texas Center for Blended Learning and the Charles Butt Foundation, we are offering Blended Learning sessions at no cost. Some sessions may require a promo code to attend for free. Limited spots available!




Self-Paced Courses


Blended Learning University

Region 4 Digital Learning is pleased to bring you Blended Learning University. BLU is a 5 part series of micro-courses aimed at helping teachers and instructional leaders in their implementation of blended learning. This series assumes you have already taken our introduction to blended learning course "Foundations of Blended Learning: Packing for the Journey". In it, we introduced the blended learning framework as well as explored the various classroom models for setting up blended learning in your classroom. 
These courses are a deep dive into what we consider are the “pillars” of a successful and sustainable blended learning implementation. Select the title to learn more about the objectives of each course.


This course will lay the foundation for using the blended learning framework in the classroom. Learn how to plan and design instruction that supports learners as the focal point and center of the learning experience, while maximizing the use of intentional digital tools.
Self-Paced  |  Session ID: 1790502  


Digital Tools and Strategies for Fostering Student Engagement and Rigor in the Blended Learning Classroom
Educators are constantly seeking ways to make learning fun while also meeting the learning objectives they’re tasked with delivering. In this session, we'll cover the blended learning implementation continuum, why technology integration is important (4Cs) and how to purposefully integrate technology with the SAMR model. We’ll give you factors to consider in evaluating whether a technology platform is appropriate for your students and then you’ll explore some of our favorite platforms for use in a 5E lesson cycle.
Self Paced  |  Session ID: 1830666
A Blended Learning Approach to Creating Instructional Videos
In this session, we'll explore how to maximize video as a tool for creating instructional content. Learn how to easily record and distribute videos that enhance learner comprehension using interactive features, such as embedded questions and guided notes. You will be able to design engaging learning experiences for students at all levels. This course covers Loom, Canva, Microsoft Flip, PowerPoint, Zoom, Edpuzzle, Nearpod, and Quizizz (subject to change).
Self Paced  |  Session ID: 1837206


This course will serve to support teachers and instructional leaders in utilizing a systematic approach to assessment and data informed teaching to design and deliver instruction based on students’ specific learning needs, monitor student learning and provide feedback to students.   
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1827439 
This course will serve to support teachers and instructional leaders as they offer students a variety of learning opportunities to master standards according to differentiated learning objectives. We will also share strategies for frequently giving student’s individual feedback about their progress.
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1827443 
This course will serve to support teachers and instructional leaders as they offer students levels of control, autonomy over their classroom experience. We will review goal setting and feedback cycles, allowing students to have input in assessment and instruction decisions and teaching students how they can be their own advocates. 
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1827447
This course will serve to support and equip teachers and instructional leaders with strategies to develop positive, collaborative relationships with their students as well as coaching students in doing the same with other adults/mentors and peers.  We will focus on high expectations for academic and personal growth.
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1827451
This course will serve to support and equip teachers and instructional leaders with strategies to help students think critically and do the “heavy lifting” on content that is grade-level, college-ready, or student-appropriate. An emphasis will also be placed on students continually practicing and receiving feedback until mastery is demonstrated.

Self-Paced | Session ID: 1827453 



A.I. for Educators and Administrators Self Paced Courses 
(These sessions are not part of the blended learning series.)


This course is the first in a 3-part series that provides school administrators with an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications within the educational setting. This course aims to equip administrators with the knowledge and insights necessary to articulate, address, and apply the use of AI in their school communities.

Self-Paced | Session ID: 1814679 | Fee $45


This course is the second in the 3-part series that provides school administrators with a review of the issues surrounding AI in the school setting and best practices. This course aims to equip administrators with the knowledge and insights necessary to develop policies and guidelines to address these challenges in education as it relates to data privacy, security and ethics.
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1814939 | Fee $45


This course is the last in the 3-part series that provides school administrators with practical tools to solve the problems and opportunities they face as campus leaders using AI. This course aims to equip administrators with the tools and resources for using AI to increase productivity, enhance communication, and design professional learning at their campus.
(Tools: Perplexity, Magic School, Adobe Firefly, Google Bard)
Self Paced | Session ID: 1814961 | Fee $45

Unlocking the Power of AI in the Classroom
This course is the first in a 3-part series that provides teachers with an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications within the educational setting. This course aims to equip teachers with the knowledge and insights to embrace the use of AI in the classroom.
Self-Paced | Session ID: 1816753 | Fee $45

Navigating AI in the Classroom: Best Practices and Guidelines
This course is the second in the 3-part series that provides teachers with a review of the issues surrounding AI in the classroom. This course aims to equip teachers with best practices and guidelines to leverage the use of AI for teaching and learning while navigating challenges with student privacy, data security, and plagiarism.
Self-Paced | Session ID 1816754 | Fee $45

The AI-Powered Classroom: Tools for Teaching and Learning
This course is the last in the 3-part series that provides teachers with practical tools for teaching and learning. This course aims to equip teachers with the tools and resources for using AI for instructional support, lesson planning, and personalized learning experiences. (Tools: ChatGPT, Magic School, Adobe Firefly)
Self-Paced | Session ID 1816756 | Fee $45


Other Self-Paced Courses

Canvas Checklist: Best Practices for Creating, Organizing, and Delivering your Content with Canvas LMS
Whether you are new to Canvas or looking for ways to improve your course, learn best practices or creating, organizing, and delivering content, integrating your favorite apps, and maximizing Canvas’ digital tools.
Self-Paced | Session ID 1790616| Fee $45




TexQuest Provider PD Sessions



Date: 9/24/2024
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Session ID: 1842189
Provider: Gale 
Targeted Audience: K-12 Teachers, Librarians, Special Education teachers and aides, ESL teachers, Instructional Coaches, Instructional Technologists, Curriculum Leaders 
Description: Discover your Gale resources that support K-12 education, and explore features that include TEKS alignment, text-to-speech, translations, Google/Microsoft integration, and advanced searches by content and Lexile level! 
In this webinar, you will: 
  • Learn how Gale’s rich multimedia content can meet the needs of all your students and teachers 
  • Interact with the resources with hands-on activities 
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions 
  • Share how you’ll incorporate what you’ve learned into the classroom 
Bring a lesson plan or project that you’ll be working on this year and walk away with strategies to enhance instruction! 
Date: 10/3/2024
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Session ID: 1842190
Targeted Audience:  PreK-12 Teachers, Librarians, and Curriculum Leaders
Description: Join this hands-on session to learn how to use the TexQuest-provided TeachingBooks tool to consider diversity, genres, and the just-right books for your students. Examine the titles in collections and immediately receive a report revealing the cultural areas, genres, word count, reading levels, and more! You can also gain impactful insight into the titles you choose for displays, lessons, storytimes, and even face-out books. Then, explore collections of dynamic audio and video resources that you can promote to teachers, students, families... anyone -- that deepen readers' connections to these titles. Attendees will leave this workshop ready to use these tools to examine your collections for instructional, personal, and cultural needs. If possible, bring a spreadsheet or listing of the books in various collections, reading programs, or classrooms.
Date: 10/10/2024
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Session ID: 1842191
Provider: Britannica Digital Learning / Britannica School
Targeted Audience: Librarians, Instructional Technologists, Curriculum Leaders, Teachers, ESL Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Paraprofessionals
Description: This session covers new and engaging ways to reach all learners using Britannica School. Learn how to address the many different needs of your students while providing them with rich, valuable content. We will explore varying levels of text complexity, multimedia resources, reading and vocabulary support tools, and more! Come ready to share ideas to implement and share Britannica School at your school/district.


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