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Region 4 Design Challenge | Judging


The Region 4 Design Challenge is designed to inspire a systematic approach in which students explore possibilities of solving real-world problems through design thinking. Students will be judged on designing a community-based technology hub and access center that will allow students and community members to connect to the Internet using personal or school-supplied devices. The following rubric will be used to score outcomes of student projects and can also be used as a guide to support students in the design process:


Competition Levels


  • District-Level Competition
    Districts will select winning proposals from each grade level.
  • Finals
    Winning proposals from each level will be invited to Region 4 to present their proposal to a panel of experts and community leaders. 







Does the solution respond to stakeholder needs in a collaborative, empathetic way? Is the technology innovative, intuitive, and user-driven and designed to proactively and holistically support Houston’s strategic vision for connectivity in the community?


Human-Centered Rubric Scale of 0-5. zero being disconnected and 5 being connected



Is the solution bold with a clear vision to produce transformative results and bolster current and future efforts to address connectivity issues on a community level? Does the solution reimagine service delivery, remove or remediate challenges and inefficiencies, and build compelling benefits for its users and beneficiaries?


impactful Rubric Scale of 0-5. zero being obsolete and 5 being game-changing



Is the solution nimble, aligned with current priorities, and well-positioned to scale and meet the diverse, growing needs of the community? Will the solution speed up benefits and improve outcomes for users of the technology and those experiencing connectivity challenges over time?


scalability Rubric Scale of 0-5. zero being limited and 5 being sizeable



Is the solution technically sound and investment-ready for practical integration into existing communities for those facing connectivity challenges? Is there a clear understanding of local conditions with the plan, resources, and capacity to mitigate risk and launch successfully in 6–12 months?


integration Rubric Scale of 0-5. zero being impractical and 5 being feasible

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