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Data Conference 2022



Learning from the Numbers: Strengthening Data Practices

June 15, 2022  |  8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (In-Person Event at Region 4 ESC)


Join other administrators and educators for this one-day conference focused on best practices in using data to strengthen and accelerate outcomes. Attend keynote and breakout sessions that provide information and networking opportunities with: building a culture that embraces data; making the most of data; strengthening improvement with data; telling your story with data; ensuring data integrity and quality; and leveraging data programs.





dave-nagel-headshotDave Nagel is an international educational consultant and researcher. He is an engaging and dynamic presenter that brings authenticity and practicality to all his work. Whether it be for an audience of 5 or 500, Dave will ensure that participants understand how evidence-based concepts and ideas can be implemented to bring about student learning gains.
He is certified in many key Corwin service lines including Visible Learningplus. Dave has contributed to several white papers and SmartBriefs, national webinars, submissions on Corwin Connect.  Dave is also an author of several Corwin publications including the PLC+ series as well as Effective Grading Practices for Secondary Teachers (2015). Dave has presented and helped schools implement effective practices leading to gains in student achievement. Dave has worked with preK-12 audiences of all sizes, with audiences as small as 3-4 and keynoted for as many as 1,000. He previously worked for The Leadership and Learning Center until 2014. He has been an author consultant with Corwin since 2013 and became a full-time consultant with Corwin in 2018.
Developing a Collaborative Culture to Drive Effective Evidence
This interactive and engaging session will showcase for participants specific ways to develop and cultivate collaborative culture in all school settings for data and evidence to be embraced.
Making Quality Inferences to Drive Decisive Actions in Evidence
It's not the data that is reliable, but the reliability of the inferences made that is so crucial.  This engaging session will highlight how educators can ensure that quality inferences from data / evidence analysis drive decisive actions. 





We are excited to share some of the sessions that will be available to participants at this year's first Data Conference! There will be something for everyone—check out the latest group of sessions below!  (Sessions are subject to change)


Using Protocols to Drive Impact into Evidence (Data) Analysis

Presented by Dave Nagel
Consistent collaborative routines are critical to impactful data / evidence analysis. This session will highlight authentically specific protocols all educators can use become more effective and efficient in data / evidence analysis.


Using Affective Evidence (Data): The Power of Student and Teacher Voice Evidence

Presented by Dave Nagel
Schools and districts are much more likely to know their impact when they consistently monitor both student and teacher voice evidence. This session will highglight specific ways to gather and act upon affective evidence from both staff and students.

Telling Your District's Story with DMAC Data

Most districts collect numerous data points on students. What stories do these data points tell about the students, teachers, campuses, and districts? Viewing data through various lenses will help district stakeholders gain a complete picture, allowing for a strong and unified culture centered on data. Come take a DMAC data dive into state, local, and national level data that districts can use to tell their story.


Centralizing Your data into a Single Source Of Truth (SSOT)

With all the different software solutions districts have at their disposal there is no shortage of data available to those that know how and where to find it, and it is generally only available to those that have access to the independent system. The problem with this type of data access model is that most districts become limited in their ability to quickly research and report on any of these data points in combination with one another. This session will help users understand the power of structuring their information so that everyone in their organization is using the same source of data for research and reporting. 


ABC, 123 - The Building Blocks of Data in Early Childhood

Supporting our youngest students as they begin their learning journey is no easy task. This session highlights effective data practices implemented this school year, demonstrating how campuses are growing their emergent learners. Explore data reviews, leadership strategies, coaching supports, and developmentally-appropriate instructional practices that have made a great impact on student learning this school year.


Working together: NWEA MAP and Interim Assessment

Are you using NWEA MAP in your schools? Are you using the Interim Assessments in your schools? Are you using both of these tools? Are you considering one or both of these tools? Join us as we compare the data these tools provide to support increased student achievement.


Using the Distinction Designation Tools to Analyze Campus and District Data for Improvements

I wonder how close we were to getting a distinction for math?  I wonder what the campuses that earned the distrinctions did to be in the top of our group?  Participants will explore the Distinction Designation tools available in the accountability reports to examine the detailed comparison group data availabe for each indicator that contributes to a Distinction Designation.  Leaders are able to exam how the campus performed in relation to other like campuses and identify trends in the data to focus on for potential areas of improvement.  


How to Utilize the Analytical Portal for State Assessment Analysis
Have you ever wanted to see how your data compares to area districts or charters?  Have you ever wanted to pull historical June End-of-Course data or TELPAS data by composite scores?  Participants in this session will explore the state provided Analytical Portal to examine the different uses of this free tool.  The Analytical Portal provides districts and campuses with a tool to compare historical data or compare data at the state, district, or campus level.



data-conference-2022-call-for-presenterCALL FOR PRESENTERS

We are currently accepting proposals to put together an engaging, high-quality conference for our educators.


Deadline for this year's Call for Proposals is May 27, 2022.


Submit your proposal here.


For more information, e-mail Suzanne Symms.



Interested in exhibiting at this year's event?  We will be hosting a vendor hall at the conference - e-mail Suzanne Symms for details!




Learning from the Numbers: Strengthening Data Practices

  • Date: June 15, 2022
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Session ID: 1643455
  • Registration Fee: $135.00
  • Location: Region 4 ESC, McKinney Conference Center - MCC 10
For questions about this event, e-mail Suzanne Symms.


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