Data Conference



Leap into Data: Moving Forward with Data Practices

February 29, 2024 | 8:00 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
The KBC Houston ( Map )


Celebrate Leap Day with a leap into data excellence! Join fellow administrators and educators for a special one-day conference dedicated to exploring best practices in utilizing data to enhance and expedite educational outcomes.





Scheduled session titles (and presenter information) include:


Session Title Presenter
Aligned PLCs: Giving Teachers the Power to Affect Learning
Casey Watts, Instructional Impact Coach & Consultant
Building on Strengths: How Well Do We Build and Share Our Story? Dr. Sharon Benson, Region 4 ESC
But Does it Work? A Guide for Examining Existing Research and Designing Your Own Study Sandra Alvear, PhD, Region 4 ESC
CCMR & Outcome Bonuses Dr. Pri Desai, Region 4 ESC
Creating Shared Data Expectations to Accelerate Student Growth
Christy Dafonte and Dawn Ayers-Rodriguez, Aldine ISD
Daily Data 
Rebecca Green and Monica Rodriguez, Anahuac ISD
Data-Driven Culture: Optimizing Student Performance and Tracking Growth 
Justin Beford and Julie Abram, La Porte ISD
Digging Deep into Data: Identifying Areas of Growth for ALL Students 
Amber Jones, Region 10 ESC
Enhancing Assessment Quality: A Data-Driven Approach for Curriculum Leaders 
Gabriel Parshall, Houston ISD
From Data to Dialogue: Building a Collaborative Data Culture 
Christine Pujol and Christina Motl, Klein ISD
From Novices to Ninjas: Nurturing Student Mastery and Growth
 Emily Cram, Eduphoria
Leading Effective Data PLCs 
Madeline Brady and Gonzalo Tamez, Houston ISD
Leveraging Trends in U.S. Census Bureau Data for Strategic Enrollment Management and Recovery Post-COVID 
Cicely Ward, Houston ISD and Jamahl Peake, KIPP Texas
Make It Measurable: Creating Effective Tracking Tools Dr. Zack Bigner, Region 4 ESC
Making Data-Based Decisions and Designing Effective Schoolwide Behavior Interventions to Improve Climate and Safety Shelley Garza-Clark, Region 4 ESC
Making Sense and Making Meaning Dr. Sharon Benson, Region 4 ESC
Moving Mountains One Student at a Time 
Kelli Mules and Marissa Keim, La Porte ISD
Telling Your Data Story Using DMAC
 Julie Furlow, Region 7/DMAC
Texas Education Exchange: Creating Useful Data in the Classroom & on Campus 
Jerry Lashley and Katie Favara, Region 4 ESC
Tracking Student CCMR Progress the Easy Way John Warren, OnDataSuite
Using Data to Enhance a Classroom Culture of Progress  Sara Jenkins, Spring Branch ISD
Utilizing STAAR Interim Data for Student Success
Rachel Haller, Region 4 ESC


Join us for this exclusive Leap Day conference—where data-driven excellence takes center stage!




Meet the Keynote!



Bradley J. Geise
Senior Director, Education for the Future

Brad has over 30 years of experience facilitating the use of data for Continuous School Improvement with Education for the Future, a nonprofit initiative committed to using comprehensive data analysis to improve school programs and processes.

To further the work of using data for school improvement, Brad has authored and contributed to book publications, white papers, software applications, and various tools and resources for effectively engaging data. To help educators build the capacity to analyze data for improvement, Brad provides workshops and conference sessions, designs and facilitates long–term implementation plans, conducts Data Institutes, hosts webinars and online learning sessions, and directs comprehensive data services to inform Continuous School Improvement.

About Education for the Future
To help fulfill its mission to build the capacity of learning organizations to use data to improve teaching and learning, Education of the Future has chronicled its work in 22 books. The organization believes data analysis—with a strong shared vision—is necessary for true improvement. Its work is focused on comprehensive data analysis for Continuous School Improvement, engagement and facilitation, systemic improvement, strategies for effective leaders, and long–term capacity building with small and large learning organizations, nationally and internationally.


Leap Into Data: Moving Forward with Data Practices

We will explore the direct relationship between effective data practice and inspiring a shared vision for school improvement. Data analysis for Continuous School Improvement is about leading schools to truly understand what needs to change to get different results, moving beyond a sole reaction to compliance and accountability towards informing a shared vision. Working with staff to understand WHY it is important to engage data analysis for Continuous School Improvement, WHAT framework and data should be used, and HOW to engage all staff in comprehensive data analysis will be covered. Specific content will include the Continuous School Improvement Framework, multiple measures of data, how to pull together the findings of ALL data analysis, how to use data and staff engagement to inspire a shared vision, how to connect planning to the shared vision, and the relationship to evaluating your improvement efforts.

Breakout Presentations from Keynote speaker, Bradley J. Geise

  • Using Data for Continuous School Improvement: Exploring Trends and Patterns Over Time - At the core of improvement and the first steps in the CSI Framework is the use of multiple measures of data with staff to identify, own, and internalize the need to improve school programs and processes. Based on the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of data analysis for Continuous School Improvement, we will explore using a data profile and multiple measures of data to explore trends and patterns over time and by subgroup with emphasis on individual, small group, and large group data analysis facilitation as the cornerstone for effective staff engagement. 
  • Using Data for Continuous School Improvement: Problem-Solving Undesirable Results - Effective problem-solving tools and resources allow schools to move away from a singular focus on student learning results as their school improvement strategy, towards multiple measures of data with a focus on program and process re/design and a shared vision for improvement. Participants will experience using the Problem-Solving Cycle with a focus on staff engagement strategies to address undesirable results. 
  • Using Data for Continuous School Improvement: Digging Deeper Into School Programs and Processes - All data analysis should be focused on the identification, ownership, internalization, improvement, and evaluation of school programs and processes. A watershed moment in school improvement occurs when school staffs apply the findings of data analysis to re/design school programs and processes, to change the way they work to realize desired results. In this session, we will explore using the findings of data analysis and the Program Evaluation Template for program and process re/design, then describe the implementation of school programs and processes via flowcharting. Specific scenarios for facilitation/staff engagement will be discussed. 


Region 4 Data Conference

Date: Thursday, February 29, 2024

Time: 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

Session ID: 1796637

Credit: 3 CPE
Registration Fee: $135



KBC Houston

6011 W Orem Dr,

Houston, TX 77085

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