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Essential Action Lever Support 1.1 (EALS 1.1)


Robbie Gill
Education Specialist
District Systemic Support Solutions

Essential Action Lever Support logoOverview

Essential Action Lever Support (EALS) at Region 4 supports campuses with establishing systems and protocols related to Essential Action 1.1 from the Effective Schools Framework (ESF).  EALS is a one-to-two-year program that provides cycles of training for principals and their instructional leadership team members, along with their principal supervisor(s). Participants will engage in training related to the following topics:
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Change Management
  • Observation and Feedback Basics
  • Academic Monitoring
  • Additional Lab Trainings to Support 1.1 Implementation
Following each cycle of professional development, principals will receive implementation support and one-on-one coaching in order to receive on-going feedback.  Throughout the course of an EALS engagement, principals and their principal supervisors will be provided with opportunities to review progress related to 1.1 and plan for sustained implementation.
EALS at Region 4 is approved by TEA as a Vetted School Improvement Program.

Experience part of a training *COMING SOON*

With EALS, we believe that it is important to take an asset-based approach and leverage the elements that are already in place on your campus. Through pre-meeting and artifact review, your Region 4 EALS specialist will ensure that the training is tailored to your needs. Participants have time throughout each of the trainings to reflect on their levels of implementation and revise their artifacts, as needed, to ensure alignment to the ESF success criteria for Foundational Essential Action 1.1. Check back soon to view a video clip that will enable you to experience a part of the Roles and Responsibilities training, where the trainer is guiding participants to review their weekly calendars in alignment to the success criteria for 1.1.

Upcoming Cohorts

We are currently recruiting districts that are interested in joining an Essential Action Lever Support cohort for the 2022–2023 school year. District leaders who are interested in learning more about EALS for their campuses should contact Robbie Gill, Education Specialist, at
7145 West Tidwell Road | Houston, Texas 77092-2096 | 713.462.7708
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