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Region 4 Conferences


March 24, 2020

casd-principal-secretaries-training-mar20-socialCommunication and Conflict: Resolving the Two and Improving Relationships

Developed specifically for school secretaries, this training focuses on effective communication in the workplace. Whether it is a simple misunderstanding or differing ideas and opinions, conflict is inevitable in any workplace. The root cause of conflict is often poor communication, which might include no communication, miscommunication, or misunderstandings. What part does each of us play in the resolution of conflict?  While conflict is a natural, normal, and even healthy part of any relationship, it can be resolved through deliberate, skillful, and respectful communication and help relationships grow. Let’s talk about what it takes to be heard and to hear others in order to stop the cycle of poor communication.  REGISTER


April 13, 2020

010Regional School Safety Summit 2020

Join Region 4’s Safe & Healthy Schools and Crime Stoppers Safe School Institute for this 1 day summit on school safety! Topics will include: human trafficking, trauma informed care, transportation, facilities, drug alcohol issues, school health nursing, gangs, internet safety, mental health, juvenile justice, restorative practices, domestic violence, response to active shooter, threat assessment, and many others.

This summit is open to school-based law enforcement, school administrators, teachers, counselors, emergency management, safety personnel, and community partners with interest in school safety. REGISTER

*Special Community Event: Join us during lunch to view first responder agencies, including Houston Police Department Mounted Patrol, LCC K-9 comfort dogs, and more coming! Come see what resources are available for your school/community events.



May 27-28, 2020


Get the latest updates regarding ESSA, EDGAR, audits, and more and learn how this information can impact your campus or district.

  • Day 1: Federal Focus with Tiffany Winters-Kesslar, Esquire, Brustein & Manasevit, PLLC, Washington D.C.
  • Day 2: State Focus with Cory Green, Associate Commissioner, Texas Education Agency




June 1-2, 2020


Summer Institute: Section 504/ADA

Attend this one day session to hear from leading national experts about how Section 504/ADA have been interpreted by the courts through recent case law.


Learn about similarities and differences among these federal laws and effective ways to identify and serve students under Section 504/ADA.  






June 5, 2020

Resiliency Conference

There are everyday stressors such as traffic, challenging behaviors in the classroom as well as the exceptional life events that occur. In education we band together, support each other and move forward despite the challenges.  This is a special day to acknowledge the capacity of educators to be resilient and to have a day to expand upon your knowledge with wonderful strategies to build resilience in yourself as well as your students.  


Our phenomenal Keynote and Plenary will share individual and environmental approaches to overcome difficulties, which will make a difference in your life and the lives of your students. Come and experience the fun filled breakout sessions that will focus on practical self-care strategies to enhance your daily practices, support your well-being and the wellness of your students.





June 11-12, 2020

Summer Evaluation Institute

Attend this two-day institute to acquire the latest information related to comprehensive and integrated evaluations of students, and promote knowledge and application of best practices in the area of student evaluation.  Session and materials costs are partially funded through state or federal grants.


Also, don't miss the Summer Evaluation Institute Preconference on June 10, 2020.  Learn more HERE.





June 16-17, 2020

Inclusive Practices Conference

Join education professionals for this exciting annual conference as we explore evidenced-based practices for creating effective learning environments for all learners. On June 16, LeDerick Horne will present, "A Path to Pride and Success Beyond Classification." Horne was diagnosed with a learning disability in the third grade and he is now a poet, disability rights activist, motivational speaker, and education consultant. His work focuses on improving the outcomes of students with disabilities. He is also the coauthor of "Empowering Students with Hidden Disabilities: A Path to Pride and Success."


On June 17,  Patrick Schwarz, Ph.D. will present, "Reimagining Education for All: Making Learning Work for Everyone." Schwartz will discuss belonging, making learning work for everyone, leadership provided by teachers and their teams, learner-centered supports, teachers as innovators, collaboration and transition. Attendees will receive a copy of a book by each presenter. Lunch will be provided. 





June 18, 2020


STEAM Conference

Do you believe in authentic learning for students? Do you want to start a STEM/STEAM program on your campus or district? Want to learn about STEAM opportunities available in the greater Houston community, or are you looking to understand the nuts and bolts of STEAM? 

Join community leaders and STEM/STEAM practitioners for the 4th annual Region 4 STEAM Conference, Thursday, June 18, 2020. This conference offers sessions that inspire creativity and innovation in educational settings. Learn from the best of the best as you discover ways to integrate cross-curricular concepts into your instructional practices.  REGISTER



July 9, 2020

Join other social studies professionals in this one-day conference exploring general, grade level, and content-specific best practices for the 21st century social studies classroom. Strands may include the major themes in social studies, instructional strategies that address the needs of all learners, differentiation, technology applications, and sound assessment. The conference will include a full day of concurrent presentations, vendor product demonstrations, and an exhibit hall. For more information, e-mail
REGISTER by 5/1/20 and save $20!


July 14-16, 2020

Early Childhood Inclusion Conference

This multi-day conference is designed to support teachers who are working with young children with disabilities. Conference sessions will cover a variety of topics including; utilizing best practices to support inclusion, specially designed instruction, language and communication, literacy, math, improving social and behavioral skills, and much, much more. Participants will gain information, strategies, and materials that will support service delivery to young children with disabilities in various classroom settings. 





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