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Region 4 Conferences




February 19, 2020

Leadership FusionLeadership Fusion: Summit for School Leaders

Hear from national presenter, Principal Baruti Kafele, an expert in the area of attitude transformation and a leading authority on providing effective classroom and school leadership strategies toward closing what he coins the "Attitude Gap.” He is the author of 10 books, including five national best sellers. His newest book, The Aspiring Principal 50: Critical Questions for New and Future School Leaders, was released in May 2019. Lunch will be provided.



March 24, 2020

casd-principal-secretaries-training-mar20-socialCommunication and Conflict: Resolving the Two and Improving Relationships

Developed specifically for school secretaries, this training focuses on effective communication in the workplace. Whether it is a simple misunderstanding or differing ideas and opinions, conflict is inevitable in any workplace. The root cause of conflict is often poor communication, which might include no communication, miscommunication, or misunderstandings. What part does each of us play in the resolution of conflict?  While conflict is a natural, normal, and even healthy part of any relationship, it can be resolved through deliberate, skillful, and respectful communication and help relationships grow. Let’s talk about what it takes to be heard and to hear others in order to stop the cycle of poor communication. 


April 13, 2020

010Regional School Safety Summit 2020

Join Region 4’s Safe & Healthy Schools and Crime Stoppers Safe School Institute for this 1 day summit on school safety! Topics will include: human trafficking, trauma informed care, transportation, facilities, drug alcohol issues, school health nursing, gangs, internet safety, mental health, juvenile justice, restorative practices, domestic violence, response to active shooter, threat assessment, and many others.

This summit is open to school-based law enforcement, school administrators, teachers, counselors, emergency management, safety personnel, and community partners with interest in school safety.

*Special Community Event: Join us during lunch to view first responder agencies, including Houston Police Department Mounted Patrol, LCC K-9 comfort dogs, and more coming! Come see what resources are available for your school/community events.


7145 West Tidwell Road | Houston, Texas 77092-2096 | 713.462.7708