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Professional Development




Instructional Coaching - Bite-Sized Sessions

What are your needs as an instructional coach? Meet your individual goals and personalize your learning by selecting from these bite-sized virtual sessions.


Remote Instructional Coaching

Maximize your coaching time through remote instructional coaching. This session will share resources and strategies to provide full coaching cycles remotely.


Providing Models of Expert Teaching to Support Implementation of Coaching Goals

Teachers need to see effective instruction in action. Modeling is one way to show a teacher how to implement a specific strategy. By modeling lessons that make teaching and learning visible, coaches help teachers build a vision of effective instruction. Learn processes to make your model teaching a collaborative one-on-one professional development opportunity.


Principal and Instructional Coach Relationship

Learn strategies and explore tools to build a collaborative partnership of professional development between principal and instructional coaches.


Pre-observation and Observations

Learn strategies for building a collaborative coach-teacher relationship, structures for the pre-observation meeting, and ideas and forms for collecting quality evidence during instructional observations.

Setting Instructional Coaching Goals

Learn how to work shoulder-to-shoulder with teachers during the post-observation conference to identify mutually agreed upon coaching goals based on teacher instructional practices and student needs.


Instructional Coaching Cycle

Learn how to organize coaching into cycles to help you create a structure for yourself and your teachers. During this session, we will identify the structure of small group and one-on-one coaching cycle.

Coaching Adults

Teachers of all levels of experience and expertise can benefit from instructional coaching, but engaging and motivating adult learners can be challenging. This session will explore strategies for developing, engaging, and empowering teachers.





Coaching + Co-teaching = Teacher Growth
Many times teachers become stuck in their professional progression, and instructional leaders must be creative in providing continuous support to move teachers to a new level. Rather than abandon the coaching cycle, instructional leaders can utilize co-teaching models to enhance their coaching efforts by choosing a specific model to implement at each point in the coaching cycle to increase teachers' pedagogy and instructional output. Post-session, instructional leaders will be proficient in selecting the most engaging co-teaching model to use during the coaching process and identifying next steps in supporting teachers. Learn more and register here.





Instructional Coaching Group
Expand your instructional coaching repertoire and learn how to best help teachers build instructional capacity.
In this virtual six-week cohort, instructional coaches will engage in a variety of possible topics including:
  • Roles and Responsibilities;
  • Building Relationships;
  • Organization Tips;
  • Coaching Remotely;
  • Facilitating PLCs;
  • Implementing Effective Coaching Cycles;
  • Planning for Effective PD;
  • Using Data to Inform Instruction and Lesson Planning; and
  • Coaching for Equity.
Different technology platforms and digital resources will be embedded through these trainings to build capacity. Learn more and register here.





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