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Instructional Coaching Conference: Building Your Coaching Playbook

June 20, 2024 |  Virtual Conference


Elevate Your Coaching Game! Unlock the keys to effective instructional coaching at the Instructional Coaching Conference. This virtual conference is your gateway to expanding your coaching repertoire and empowering educators to reach new heights of success. Dynamic sessions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of instructional coaches. Acquire new methods, strategies, and insights to enhance teacher instruction and elevate student outcomes. Don't miss this opportunity to level up your coaching skills and make a lasting impact in your educational community. Register today!


Titles for this year's breakout sessions include:

  • Coaching Through Internalization and Rehearsal
  • A Bird's Eye View of Coaching with a Language Lens
  • Coaching Adults
  • Coaching Teachers Through The Use of Explicit and Systematic Instruction
  • Do I Have to Coach Preschool As Well?
  • Seeing the STR Connections through a Coach's Lens
  • Empower Teachers to Accelerate Secondary Students Writing







coaching-conference-2023-keynote-youngMeet our Keynote Speaker


A. Keith Young is an education coach, trainer, and writer. After a short stint at seminary, he pivoted to teaching secondary students English and math. Eventually, Keith shifted to training teachers and leading school improvement efforts at the district level. Later, he became a principal, leading school turnaround work and regularly increasing student outcomes by double digits in Colorado, Puerto Rico, and Arizona. Keith now trains and coaches administrators, school leadership teams, and teacher coaches. As a trainer, he maintains a progressive philosophy and teaching style that embraces the best of constructivism and direct instruction. As a coach, he's known for telling it like it is and using a blended coaching model.



Region 4 Instructional Coaching Conference

  • Date: June 20, 2024
  • Time: 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
  • Session ID: 1728284
  • Credits: CPE 6
  • Registration Fee: $125
  • Location: Virtual Zoom Session






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Instructional Coaching Bite-Sized Learning Series


Pre-observation and Observation

June 18, 2024

Learn strategies for building a collaborative coach-teacher relationship, structures for the pre-observation meeting, and ideas and forms for collecting quality evidence during instructional observations. Register here.

Setting Instructional Coaching Goals

June 25, 2024

Learn how to work shoulder-to-shoulder with teachers to identify specific measurable coaching goals and action steps based on teacher instructional practices and student needs. Register here.

Instructional Coaching Cycle

July 9, 2024

Learn how to organize coaching into a structured process that empowers teachers and improves student outcomes. During this session, we will identify the structure of small group and one-on-one coaching cycles. Register here.

Providing Modeling and Strategic Feedback to Support Implementation of Coaching Goals

July 16, 2024

Strategic lesson feedback and targeted modeling supports teachers in sharpening their skills. Learn the four types of lesson feedback, steps to planning modeling so that it becomes a collaborative professional development opportunity, and the steps to debriefing lessons during coaching cycles. Register here.

Principal and Instructional Coaching Relationship

July 23, 2024

Learn strategies and explore tools to build a collaborative partnership of professional development between principals and instructional coaches. Register here.

Coaching Adults

July 25, 2024

Teachers of all levels of experience and expertise can benefit from instructional coaching, but engaging and motivating adult learners can be challenging. This session will explore the will drivers of teachers and strategies for developing, engaging, and empowering teachers at all skill levels. Register here.



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