The Region 4 Teacher Apprenticeship Program aims to strengthen, diversify, and stabilize the teaching workforce by recruiting and retaining prospective teachers.

Region 4 partners with school districts throughout the state to establish and sustain the Teacher Apprenticeship Program, while meeting the unique needs of each district community.

Joining the Teacher Apprenticeship Program is an investment by the apprentice teacher, the mentor teacher, and sponsoring school district as it creates a pathway into a thriving, well-supported teaching career.


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Apprentice vs. Resident


The Teacher Apprenticeship Program offers two distinct entry points toward certification. A teacher apprentice is a candidate who enters the Teacher Apprenticeship Program while working toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree. Depending on the sponsoring district’s program parameters, the apprenticeship program can begin as early as graduation from high school, where the candidate is working toward a bachelor’s degree and certifications simultaneously, while gradually gaining paid, on-the-job experience. An example of this gradual progress, by credit hours earned, is explained more below:

  • Ramp 1: 0–30 credit hours earned through coursework
  • Ramp 2: 31–60 credit hours earned through coursework
  • Ramp 3: 61–90 credit hours earned through coursework and classroom observations
  • Ramp 4: 90–120 credit hours earned through coursework and classroom observations


A teacher resident is a candidate who has earned a bachelor's degree and commits to a paid, year-long teacher preparation program under the guidance of a mentor teacher. During the residency year, candidates also have the opportunity to complete their credential coursework and clinical practice in the assigned classroom. Diverse classroom experiences are also offered to the candidate through designated substitute teaching days.

  • Ramp 5: Residency—paid (~$20,000), year-long post-baccalaureate training under a mentor teacher


Obtaining a Teacher Apprenticeship Program Residency


There are multiple ways to obtain a Teacher Apprenticeship Program residency. Participating school districts host interest meetings for prospective applicants to learn more about the program and about grade-level and content-area opportunities.
Interested candidates may also contact the Region 4 Inspire Texas office at 713.744.6323 or e-mail to inquire about the current Teacher Apprenticeship Program apprenticeships and residencies by district.





Region 4 launched its Teacher Apprenticeship and Residency Program to support the preparation and development of aspiring teachers, both degreed and non-degreed in their pursuits toward becoming certified teachers. This webinar series will feature guest speakers from Houston-area school districts, charter networks, institutions of higher education, and non-profit organizations who will share their experience and information needed to launch effective apprenticeship and residency programs.


For more information, e-mail




Join us virtually for one of these FREE sessions.  We offer several session options, with information from Region 4 staff, and program partners.  Learn more and register using the links below!




During this webinar, our guest speakers will share information about their roles in leading and supporting Region 4’s EC–12 Teacher Apprenticeship and Residency Program as an effective approach to innovative, district-specific teacher staffing.








Teacher apprenticeship and residency programs are an effective staffing solution to address increasing teacher shortages across the greater Houston area. Join us as we discuss the current realities of the education workforce and pathways to building a sustainable pipeline to support your district’s needs.


This session will feature district leaders who will share their experiences, highlights, and lessons learned in implementing a successful apprenticeship and residency program.



Audience: Administrators K-12, District Administrators, Human Resources, Paraprofessionals, Paraprofessionals-Instructional




Details about our 3rd session will be available soon.  










Keep up with the Region 4 Teacher Apprentice Program on X (formerly Twitter): @R4Apprentice.


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