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By Amaya Garcia
New America, February 6, 2024


By Hanna Melnick
Learning Policy Institute, March 1, 2024


Strategic Staffing Models

Texas Strategic Staffing, TEA

kenny-eliason-zfso6bnzjtw-unsplashTeacher Apprenticeships Are Booming in Wake of Shortages

By Madeline Will

Education Week, March 17, 2023


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Apprenticeship Wayne Sets the Standard for Registered Apprenticeships in Education

AprenticeshipUSA, January 12, 2024

How Teacher Apprenticeship is Changing
Teacher Preparation 

By Amaya Garcia

New America, October 26, 2023

How a New Texas Program Could Help with Teacher Retention

By Keri Heath
Austin American-Statesman, May 8, 2024


Lynn Holdheide, AIR, CEEDAR Center, and Center on Great Teachers and Leaders; Lois Kimmel, AIR and Center on Great Teachers and Leaders; Jennifer Jirous-Rapp, AIR; Weade James, AACTE; Jacqueline King, AACTE 


By the Numbers: Investments Build for Registered Teacher Apprenticeships

By Anna Merod

K–12 Dive, October 30, 2023





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