The Successful Classroom

Give teachers the tools to strengthen their skills in learner-centered instruction and classroom management through a participatory workshop. The Successful Classroom’s mission is to promote equity, excellence, and learning for all students through four different modules.
The Successful Classroom teacher training is available on demand, at your campus (please contact us for special arrangements and fees), or at one of the face-to-face sessions at our conference center in Houston, Texas. 
Module One: Classroom Environment
  • Developing a Classroom Management Plan
  • Effective Rules, Expectations, and Consequences
  • Guidelines for Maintaining Classroom Control
Module Two: Learner-Centered Instruction
  • Planning and Implementing Lessons
  • Phases of the 5E Instructional Model
  • Instructional Effectiveness and Motivational Strategies
  • Writing and Teaching Objectives
  • Increasing Comprehension in the Content Areas
  • Accommodating Different Learning Styles

Module Three: Building Bridges between Home and School
  • Developing Professional Interaction with Parents
  • Communicating Consistently with Parents in a Positive and Proactive Manner

Module Four: Reflective Practitioner
  • Developing Organizational Skills
  • Identifying and Addressing Areas of Concern


The Successful Classroom Teacher Training 


Class Begins

Duration Cost
Online Anytime

30 Days



Main Office
Region 4 Education Service Center
7145 West Tidwell Road Houston, Texas 77092-2096
713.462.7708 | PHONE
Region 4 is making improvements to the McKinney Conference Center and will invite guests to experience the difference in August of 2024
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