Educator Testing

Candidates must complete two certification assessments for the Principal as Instructional Leader certification:

  1. PASL (Performance Assessment for School Leaders)
  • Performance-based
  • Online window – twice a year: fall and spring
  • Based on task and steps
    • Task 1: Problem-Solving in the Field Candidates’ ability to address and resolve a significant problem/challenge in the school that influences instructional practice and student learning
    • Task 2: Supporting Continuous Professional Development Candidates’ ability to establish and support effective and continuous professional development with staff for the purpose of improved instruction and student learning
    • Task 3: Creating a Collaborative Culture Candidates’ ability to facilitate stakeholders’ efforts to build a collaborative team within the school to improve instruction, student achievement, and the school culture


  1. TExES 268 (Pearson Education)
  • Permission for Registration is granted after completing practice exam
    • Computer administered at a testing center
    • Five hours in length
    • 70 (58 scorable) Selected response question
    • 4 constructed responses (Candidates will be given data on a school and then asked to identify a problem, analyze the root cause, and provide a supported plan)

      Principal as Instructional Leader Preparation Materials
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