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Upcoming Professional Development—Bilingual/ESL

besl-toolbox-series-graphic-2019Building the Beginning ESL Teacher's Toolbox

Beginning ESL teachers need to build an instructional toolbox in the areas of Language and Literacy Development and Teaching Methods and Assessment. The workshops below offer new ESL teachers the opportunity to learn effective methods of instruction that will benefit them for years to come.


Language and Literacy Development

Dig deeper into fostering a linguistic environment that supports second language development in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking. Participants will also learn how to build background knowledge, assist students in decoding the English language, effectively use formative assessment to shape instruction, and provide targeted feedback. ​ Two dates for this session are currently available:


Teaching Methods and Assessment

Dig deeper into effective instructional methods and techniques that address the specific needs of ELs with diverse language proficiency levels. Participants will also delve into formal and informal assessment strategies used in the ESL classroom, and explore classroom management techniques for a variety of ESL environments and situations. Two dates for this session are currently available:



bilingual-conference-2019-email-graphicRegion 4 Bilingual ESL Conference

December 12, 2019
Educators will expand their knowledge with evidence-based information designed for working with English Learners (ELs). Presentations will be framed around culturally relevant topics that impact the affective, linguistic, and cognitive domains of ELs. Session topics will address dual language, transitioning from L1 to L2, sheltered instruction, assessment, and technology. DETAILS









Reader's Workshop in the Bilingual Classroom

October 2, 2019
Teach students how to apply skills and strategies while they read. Learn how to structure your reading language arts block using a reader's workshop framework. Reader's workshop is the most effective way to structure the balanced literacy program. This approach effectively implements the gradual release of responsibility to scaffold the teaching of reading skills and encourage students to enjoy reading. This training, which will be delivered in Spanish and English, will cover the format of reader's workshop as well as the different components.  DETAILS



Writer's Workshop in the Bilingual Classroom

October 11, 2019
Writer's Workshop organizes writing instruction around the way real authors write. It is based on the idea that students learn best when they write frequently, for extended periods of time and on topics of their own choosing. Learn how to implement Writer's Workshop in the bilingual classroom by teaching short, focused lessons that guide young authors as they explore writing craft. This session will be delivered using both Spanish and English.  DETAILS



Strategies for English Language Learners in The Secondary Science Classroom

February 6, 2020
Explore research-based strategies to help English Language Learners understand concepts while supporting academic language development for all students. Participants will practice identifying the linguistic factors to be considered for making content accessible to English Language Learners. Strategies explored can be easily implemented into the classroom and yield student engagement opportunities in listening, speaking, reading, and writing about content area concepts. Acquired strategies would further enable participants to effectively facilitate inquiry science, motivate students and enhance the overall classroom climate. DETAILS





Sessions are for educators and administrators from Title III districts and charter schools within Region 4. Contact for session details.



Title III - Parental Involvement


Title III Increasing and Strengthening Parental Outreach

October 9, 2019

Acquire the information and materials needed to deliver training in your district on the Title III Increasing and Strengthening Parental Outreach. The session details the responsibilities local educational agencies have to provide parental outreach training and activities to support English learners (ELs), immigrant students, and their families.


Title III: How to Encourage Families of ELL's to Become Education Partners

January 23, 2020
Improve communication efforts with and remove school-culture barriers for parents of ELLs.  Participants will learn to create a welcoming environment and build bridges between schools and families through a variety of hands-on, interactive activities.



Title III - Compliance


Title III, Part A Allowability

November 12, 2019

This professional development session will focus on allowable costs under Title III.  TEA Best Practices and Recommendations will be shared with participants.  Resources will be provided. DETAILS


Title III Responsibilities under ESSA

February 19, 2020

Participants will review the responsibilities for Title III, Part A under ESSA.  The purpose,use of funds, activities, and evaluation measures will be some of the topics that will be covered in this training as well as the application process and compliance reporting. DETAILS



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