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The following products were designed specifically to meet the unique needs of students in the bilingual or ESL classroom. Click on the product ID numbers to order online at



Emergent Reader Informational Text Series

These six books focus on day-to-day routine school experiences. For reinforcement of each routine, the kit includes 23 guided practice cards and 23 reproducible take-home mini books that support young students in learning about various school routines. Features for informational text, such as table of contents, headings, labels, captions, charts, tables, and diagrams, are included in each book. The inside front cover provides a framework of teacher support with C.P.R.: ways to communicate, practice, and reinforce routines in the classroom. The take-home mini books allow for student self-assessment on each routine and can be sent home to reinforce learning. $50 per kit

Spanish: 501-1657
English 501-1573




Emergent Reader Concept of Print Series

These six books are intended for small-group modeling and instruction. Each book will concentrate on a specific concept of print: left-to-right directionality, return sweep, one-to-one speech-to-print matching, concept of a letter, concept of a word, or punctuation. The books will have support structures and/or manipulatives to focus attention on print conventions and to encourage correct responding ideas for supporting and reinforcing the concept, which will be included on the inside of each book cover.  $30 per kit

Spanish: 501-1658




Thinking Pads: Supporting Comprehension in the Primary Grades

This kit is designed to support teachers in scaffolding their students’ reading comprehension and includes the following: teacher's manual, eight teacher modeling cards to assist instruction, and 40 thinking pads to promote independent student thinking and responses to text. $150 per kit

Spanish: 501-1660









Designing Effective Literacy Centers for the Classroom (Kit & Booklet)

This kit contains different materials teachers need to design and construct literacy centers appropriate for the classroom. An instructional booklet with directions on how to set up each center, how to teach students to use the center, and how to evaluate student work is included. $75 each

Second Grade:  Spanish 501-1274    |   English 501-1108







Assessing Students’ Emergent Literacy—Spanish

Practical assessments are provided to monitor students’ emergent literacy progress in understanding print conventions, letter/sound identification, high-frequency words, phonological awareness, comprehension, and writing. An explanation of how to plan small-group instruction based on students’ needs is provided. A sample student portfolio with authentic writing samples in English also is included. The Spanish editions of each manual include checklists, summary sheets, high-frequency word lists, and assessments in Spanish. $30 per grade level

Prekindergarten:  Spanish 501-1271   |   English 501-1228
Kindergarten:  Spanish 501-1270   |    English: 501-1229





Accelerated Reading Curriculum for Struggling Second Graders 

This kit is designed to accelerate the learning of students who are struggling with their reading. The resource contains student books and intervention activities. $625 per kit

Spanish: 501-1485
English: 501-1257









501-1098Beginning Sound Mats and Picture Cards

Use this kit to help students learn to make letter–sound connections by sorting pictures by their beginning sound. Each letter of the alphabet is represented in the kit. These materials can be used for small-group instruction or as practice activities in centers. $25 per edition

Spanish: 501-1099
English: 501-1098



501-1888Interactive Word Wall

This kit includes alphabet picture cards, word family picture cards, and high-frequency words. The instructional booklet provides ideas to make the word wall interactive and support students’ beginning reading and writing skills. $25 per edition

Spanish: 501-1889
English: 501-1888




501-1533Home Connection Readers 

This collection of consumable books for emergent readers includes 50 copies of 6 titles in English. HCR books promote early literacy skills by design. The books contain simple sentence structures, ample picture support, and high-frequency words to promote strategic reading from the start. $100 each

Spanish: 501-1532
English: 501-1533




Letter Sets for Small Group Instruction

These sets come with enough material for seven students. They include a two-sided color mat of the alphabet with rainbow space for moving or writing letters, 10 sets of plastic letters, and an activity guide. The materials are available in English and Spanish, upper and lowercase. $40 each

SpanishUppercase 501-0643   |   Lowercase 501-0644
English:   Uppercase 501-0641   |   Lowercase 501-0642




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