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The following products were designed specifically to meet the unique needs of students in the bilingual or ESL classroom. Click on the product ID numbers to order online at




Letter Knowledge Manipulative Kit - Spanish
The Letter Knowledge Manipulative Kit should be used as a supplemental resource for teaching letter knowledge in small groups. This kit is appropriate for use with emergent readers of any age. This kit includes the following materials:
1 – Instructional Booklet
1 – Initial Sound Picture Cards
1 – Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Formation Chart
1 – Multi-colored Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Cards
1 – Black Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Cards
7 – Double-sided Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Arc
1 – Visual Line Description Chart
1 – Teacher Sort Mat/T-Chart – 11” X 17”
7 – Student Sort Mat/T-Chart – 11” X 8 1/2”
7 – English Alphabet Chart – 8 1/2’ x 11”
7 sets – Uppercase and Lowercase Plastic Letters – 1 1/4” Tall approx
Available in English or Spanish, the graphics in this resource are identical to and can be used in conjunction with the Alphabet Posters and Charts Set and the Interactive Word Wall. ORDER ONLINE


407-2024-eng-math-vol-1-grade-2-te-coverdraft-1ENGAGING MATHEMATICS, VOLUME 1 - NEW!

Warming up, working collaboratively, supporting learning retention, or formatively assessing—your choice!
The Engaging Mathematics Volume I series provides meaningful activities and problem-solving situations that can be used as warm-ups, engage activities for teacherdeveloped lessons, support for retention of skills and concepts, or short formative assessments. Included are hands-on activities, rigorous problem-solving situations, vocabulary development activities, and writing prompts. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) student expectations are addressed in a variety of formats.


Volume I is an updated version of the original Engaging Mathematics series. Each activity has been aligned to its corresponding grade-level TEKS, and some new activities have been added to each grade level. Volume I serves as a complement to Volume II.


Available in Spanish for Kindergarten - Grade 5.  ORDER ONLINE 


407-1812-eng-math-grade-5-front-cover-finalENGAGING MATHEMATICS, VOLUME 2
An excellent fit for any phase of your lesson! More than 90 engaging activities offer students opportunities to show the mathematics that they know and understand. While they work, you can listen to learn what they know, what they are still learning, and what academic language they use with ease.
Available in Spanish for grades 2–5.

Spanish: $75 each.  ORDER ONLINE




A short playlist of activities to complement your workstation's library.
Have you used and reused your workstation's library of activities? With each volume, you can add eight sets of workstation activities to your library. Each volume is its own review playlist of mathematics TEKS that continue to present learning challenges. Each set of workstation activities includes a content review, a literacy component, and a sample test item at the rigor of STAAR®. Each workstation fits within a file folder and is designed so students can check their own work to monitor their understanding. Available in three distinct volumes in Spanish for grades 3–5. $35 per volume and grade level.  
Volume 1    Volume 2    Volume 3




Cover of Warm Up to Science book
Warm Up to Science: TEKS-Based Engagement Activities
A formative assessment item for every student expectation, and then some.
The perfect fit for any lesson, these warm-ups can be used at the beginning, middle, or end of a lesson to check for understanding. Warm Up to Science saves you time, allowing you to focus on understanding what your students know. Pique their interest, cause them ask to why, and make them want to learn more! Discover what they know, listen for misconceptions, and informally assess their levels of knowledge all on the sly. Your students won’t even realize they’re working!  To learn how this product is a perfect fit, watch this just-the-right-size product video!
Available in Spanish for Grade 3Grade 4, and Grade 5



Cover of STAR Review to Go book
STAAR® Review to Go
A set of student-centered, engaging review activities. Just Say “Yes” to Riveting, Rigorous Review! This is STAAR® review in a nutshell—or in this case, a folder.
Stop using released items as content review. Saying “Yes!” means students will race to review because these activities involve engaging brain exercise, deep dive discussion, and hands-on hustle as students work to fine-tune their knowledge and show off what they have learned. Each folder activity includes content review, a literacy piece, and a sample test item at the rigor of STAAR®. Folders are designed so students can check their own work to monitor their learning. To learn how to crack those hard-to-open nuts, watch this enlightening product video!
Available in Spanish for Grade 4 and Grade 5, Volume 1 and Grade 5,  Volume 2



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